Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nightmare on Elm Street 5 [SCREENER VHS]

Everyone knows that Dream Warriors is hands down the best Nightmare on Elm Street. This is most def the second best. I used to have a friend that worked at a movie rental place and he would get these screeners all the time.
The whole idea behind these videos is to let the retailer watch the movie ahead of everyone else. If the retailer thinks the movie is going to do well, he places a bigger order for the movie.
I guess they thought adding a music video would really sweeten the deal.
This video had a Marketing video ahead of the movie. It was terrible but really interesting. It had this guy showing the movie posters, cardboard cut outs and and stickers the retailer would recieve if he decided to buy copies of the movie. Heres the end of the promo when his receptionist talks
19.95$ for VHS... those were the days
todays screeners dont look like this, they now just scroll along the bottom saying that its property of whatever company.
this was only shown at the beginning and the end. If anyone wants me to rip the entire marketing video, please post a comment and I will. Thanks

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Gamg said...

I d like to see the entire video, it looks really wierd :)