Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Elle Alexandra

Major Babeliax Babe

5$ bid on eBay

I know the scripts are reprint bullshit even though they said " table read scripts ". I was always told anything thats from a table read will have liner notes and a bunch of marked up pages. I could be a jerk and say false description but I seriously dont care because I just wanted the VHS.

Lost Cat Absecon

...doesnt have meow...

Medical Weed

Someone showed me this and I had to take a picture of it. They went on vacation and actually snuck it back in their bag. The fact they had a zero care level is honestly baffling.


both have the same taste, nothing special, waste of money


Seriously the only place I shopped for clothes and typing that out is a sad thing to admit.
 bye trash where I'd buy trash

Soccer Fooligan

Hes killing it in goalie, seriously proud of him.

Ghost Horse Attack

Links At Brigantine Beach Food

This sandwich is amazing. Chicken, asparagus, american cheese and red peppers
If people knew, they would order

Very Mysterious


 I just wanted to try one Baba Booey cupcake, had to buy all these

Cheeburger [Nephew]

My nephew wanted to try the 1lb burger
he tried but was not even close to half. The waitress felt so bad because he wanted to get his picture on the wall. She came up and said " you know you tried really hard, I'll let you put your picture on the wall". His face lit up and he was so happy.
On the way home he kept saying " I cant believe I ate the entire thing ". Now he didnt say this once, he must have said it about 20 times. I turned around and said " Dude you didnt eat it, stop saying it ". He said " I did eat it all, how did I get my picture on the wall? ". So being a jerk uncle I say " She felt bad for you, thats why ". After about 2 mins of silence he says " can we just say I finished it? ". He really wanted to be able to say he ate it all, I told him we could make things up but changed my mind and said just not say anything. It was a great time, I didnt finish my burger either.

Thank you Spencer

1990 ECA Poems

I was 9

Absecon Video

Local rental store that slowly faded when West Coast Video and Blockbuster moved into town. A lot of great memories and rentals.

Hot To Trot
High Spirits
Mac and Me
Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure
Garbage Pail Kids
Fire Walker
Rising Sun

For some reason those movies really stick out in my head. They may not be amazing blockbuster hits but I remember renting them from there. The horror section was in the middle and you had to walk through it to get to the kid section. They used to have giant cardboard cut outs of Pinhead from Hellraiser and Freddy Krueger in there. I was so scared I walked with my eyes on the floor till I was in the kid section. The funny thing is I believe Absecon Video actually outlasted both chain rental stores. People just lost interest in renting movies. Anyway I miss it

Alaska Quarters

Seriously hard to find, trying to get the 2008s
keep an eye out for me, I'll trade a reg for an alaska.

Waffle Taco [ Taco Bell Breakfast ]

not gonna lie
cheap, filling and really good

Creep Pics

Inspiring Email

Shes a really interesting human. Shes a professional photographer and a dead animal collector. I had the story about the taxidermy since last year, I posted it on here thinking it was a unrealistic story. I found her vine account this month and was truly inspired. It makes me want to focus and finish the story. I sent her the quick write not thinking I would get a response. To my surprise she read it and responded
the genuine love she shows for the dead animals is honestly inspiring. Theres nothing fake, shes not doing it to impress anyone or to disgust anyone, its sincere and meaningful. Im seriously glad she exsists.

Check out her sites