Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Absecon Video

Local rental store that slowly faded when West Coast Video and Blockbuster moved into town. A lot of great memories and rentals.

Hot To Trot
High Spirits
Mac and Me
Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure
Garbage Pail Kids
Fire Walker
Rising Sun

For some reason those movies really stick out in my head. They may not be amazing blockbuster hits but I remember renting them from there. The horror section was in the middle and you had to walk through it to get to the kid section. They used to have giant cardboard cut outs of Pinhead from Hellraiser and Freddy Krueger in there. I was so scared I walked with my eyes on the floor till I was in the kid section. The funny thing is I believe Absecon Video actually outlasted both chain rental stores. People just lost interest in renting movies. Anyway I miss it


cait holmes said...

It out lasted both chains because I worked there lol so funny I remember pinhead I still have the original absecon video sign at my nans I always wanted to make it into a coffee table. But I'll be there in 2 weeks u should hit me up! Also ur nephew and cheeburger cheeburger this was too cute :-)

cait holmes said...

That's was always my dream by the way to have my own video rental store... Fucking technology