Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blockbuster [Wildwood]

Terminator sign... needs to be stolen

Fridge in the woods

Went with my dad to check a property in Port Republic. This was on the property,

Goodwill [ VHS ]

Goodwill VHS buys. There was a sign when i walked in, 5 vhs tapes for one dollar. Really excited to watch the home videos of Thanksgiving 1988 and 1996. the case for this " extra high grade " VHS is awesome.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spuds MacKenzie

bought this, couldnt pass it up..99$

blogger update?

somethings going on, its putting spaces where there shouldnt be.. I guess I have some sort of OCD I like the pictures to be tight against the text...
before i finish a post I delete all the extra spaces.. but now they come back.. kinda pisses me off.. I hate all the meaningless unused space


Nick Santino

His dog was allowed to be in his condo, people kept complaining, he didnt know what to do so he euthanized his dog Rocco. The next day he killed himself
suicide note:
"Today I betrayed my best friend and put down my best friend, Rocco trusted me and I failed him. He didn’t deserve this"


Jack's Donuts [ Lindenwold, NJ ]

Honestly, better than dunkin donuts. Its like a high class donut shack. Really enjoyed
some jerkz video


almost a dozen... almost.. did not buy
I dont understand the need to single yourself out as gay and have your own Olympics. Why cant these contestants just compete in the normal Olympics? In a time with equal rights for gay marriage, the abolishment of "dont ask dont tell", why have this competiton to say you're different. After fighting to be excepted as "equal", why segregate yourself? I have no problem with people who are gay but I have a problem with this event. Ellen Degeneres has her own talk show but its not called the "gay talk show" because shes a lesbian. Does anything I'm saying make sense? Seriously who fucking cares... did not buyhell yea... purchaseI just want to say how shocked I am to have found this VHS at Goodwill. Even more surprised to find this VHS with the 3-D glasses. Souped on this purchase..big time

This is cool, I remember watching the commercials as a kid and I remember the cartoon too. bought

@chefsarahjayne [ hate ] Sarah Grueneberg [ shit ]

Not gonna lie, when I started watching season 9 I picked her as one of my top hopefuls. After watching... I really fucking hate her... a lot. As a chef and as a person, she is fucking trash. I hope Paul destroys this piece of crizap. I don't hate her because she's overweight, I hate her because her personality and integrity are straight dog shit. I see people on other sites saying she's fat and thats why they hate her. That's not a reason for anyone to hate anyone. People will say " its about the food not her personality " but im Not impressed with her cooking, everything has been safe. People try new things and get kicked, she plays it safe and coasts. Look at Hung, he was a prick but i wasnt pissed when he made it, Sarah is truly a waste. Ok kill myself for caring...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1990s Pizza Party

really like this picture

Lynette Gillis [Plumtree]

Talking to Lou today and he told me about a 90's band I never heard of... Plumtree. I checked out one of their videos... Not bad, kinda catchy, drummer is a major babe.

This better rule [Mario Batali marinara]

I have yet to find a marinara as amazing as Paul Sorvinos. Ive been trying all kinds of expensive bottles but still no luck. Any recommendations?

Robot Jox

Not gonna lie, really excited to watch this.

Joe Haldeman wrote the screen play with the director Stuart Gordon. Haldemn said

"I would try to change the science into something reasonable; Stuart would change it back to Saturday morning cartoon stuff. I tried to make believable, reasonable characters, and Stuart would insist on throwing in clich├ęs and caricatures. It was especially annoying because it was a story about soldiers, and I was the only person around who'd ever been one."

So terrible its gotta rule.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kimmi Gibbler


.49$ purchases

Trash VHS purchase
This video was really terrible..one funny thing is Donnie Wahlberg is eating dinner and says " I always have milk, never soda with my dinner, New Kids always drink milk at every meal"
this video made no sense...
the only reason I bought this is because my brother used to be a puzzle dude, and he did a puzzle with this drawing on it...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

LA Video [Pleasantville,NJ]

There werent many places in our area to rent video games in the late 80s early 90s. Before Blockbuster and West Coast Video there was only Absecon Video. I mean you could rent movies at Starns but no video games [eventually they started to rent games]. Well there was a store that opened called LA Video that rented games and movies. So we got a membership and began renting. It wasnt in a bad area of Pleasantville so we never worried about anything. There was a girl that worked the counter, she was in her early 20s, very attractive and really nice to us. She always made small talk when we rented. One day we went there and there was a guy working. We picked out a game and went to the counter. There was a collection jar with a picture of the girl. We asked what happened.. The guy said " Shes alright, the store was robbed and she was shot a few days ago". Our minds were blown. The remaining money we had we put in the jar. When we came to return the game the girl was actually there. She had a sling and was doing everything with one hand. We didnt ask her what happened, we just told her we were happy she was back and that we donated money. She said something like "You're so sweet, Ill be fine". Well about a week later my moms reading the paper and sees " Women killed in robbery at LA Video". We never went back after that...

for some reason I was thinking about her today.

Atlantic City Trip/ Cape May Zoo [Nephew]

Went to Ripley's and walked the boardwalk.
genuinely freaked
amazed and joyed at "Its Sugar..."
I seriously hate this game, but he loves it, pretty righteous hoodie for a 9 year old.
Cape may zoo, depressing yet fun.
tough facehad a gnar time


The funny thing is, we won 400 tickets. The alarm went off, the 400 sign lit up but it didnt pay out. So we talked to the guy and he said "Yea, that machine malfunctions a lot" so we walked back and saw this sign....


I asked my nephew to draw the cover of the Threes Company DVD...
I love how he drew Tina Yothers
I think he did a great job.

Goodwill [Hammonton]

This painting reminds me of those old PC games Flashback and Another World... should have bought

This thing was in such good shape... Im not sure exactly what it is but Im thinking a lamp shade. I enjoyed this show when it came out.
VHS Seemed like a bootleg, who ever owned this video used and abused it.
Never heard about this, figured it would be at least entertaining to watch
saxaphrone...get it