Friday, December 31, 2010

Dwight Gooden folder

I will put important documents in there

Spencer Dorsey

2010 of FAIL

I hate these things, but this one rawlz

Roseanne Barr

she was kinda cute when she was younger


These are some raunchy, crude, rude, gross tracks, download at your own risk.

Justin Byebyeber.mp3
::I wrote this thinking this where justin biebers career will be going in a few years::

Hey girl I think you're pretty cute
I wanna really knock them boots
I wanna get you on my bed and pound on your vagina
would that be alright with you?

Heart Felt.mp3
::This is a gross, raunch rap track, tried to make it as disgusting as possible, please dont be offended. WARNING ::

My girl dont need shit all she needs is my dick

yo my girl dont need diamonds
all she needs to do is ride on
my ding-a-ling
my big prick can do that thing
make her scream
make her shout
maybe put it in her mouth
then she'll choke
then she'll die
I'll be charged with homicide

My girl dont need shit all she needs is my dick

Kmart products

horse style
toad-ally snax

bought a pretty neat comb

Shore Mall

This is the sign that points to Capri Pizza, Chinese Food and Gyromania.
I was walking the mall today, and saw the same sign down by the DMV
back in the 80s there used to be an orange julius down at the end, along with other eat places. It was right next to a small collectors store called beachcomber. I never noticed they left the sign there till today. In front of Spaceport Arcade there used to be a candy hut. For some reason they took it out, and theres a Boardwalk fries in its place. I was looking at the advertisement
i dont think the machine cutting the fries is really appetizing.

got a 10$ gift card to iTunes

bought ACDO
worth it

Smile Machine

batteries are dead, I was bummed

Creep kid in Back to the future 3

Im sure everyone knows about this, but I just wanted to post it up since the marathon is on. Creepy Doc Brown kid pointing at his dingus.

Moms Taxi Service

I guess its a product for wacky funny moms who drive their kids around and try to get a laugh
comes with a sticker to put on your window, and a plaque to hang up on your visor or your seats head restthis mom is a pretty foxy one, you put your picture over top of hers
"one dollar surcharge rate for screaming hitting and or pulling hair"

SNOW 2010

Tuesday December 28th. Garage door snow drift. It took us awhile to even open the door to the shop.
I walked out to get the back ho started, heres a side shit of the drift
brutal snow drifts in brigantineim talking brutal snow drifts
our shop
drove to my ma's house and shoveled her out on Monday after I dug my car out.
the apartment complex was bad, this was about 10 pm sunday night December 26th.
back door Monday morning
hand shoveled my car out, took about an hour of steady digging. We didnt have a shovel, so walked up to a women and made her a deal. Told her I'd clean her car out if she lets us borrow her shovel.
when I came back, they plowed the snow in our spots, neat
I didnt mind it, even though it was mucho work

new trash for work

double recline


Me: Andrew whats your favorite horror movie?
Andrew: what do you mean.
Me: scary movie.
Andrew: oh, the Bride of chucky.
Me: seriously?
Andrew: yea, it freaked me out.

Hair Poster

Yea, gimme the 3. love the Nike logo


Jones and Walls family reunion 1998

I bought a camcorder and this tape was in it. I wanted to try out my capture card and see if it worked. It took awhile to figure it out but I finally got it. I captured the video, and edited it. Its super corny. But what I hope is someone in the video finds this site and watches the terrible editing job of their family reunion.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

You say what's the deal, what do we have in common? Nothing at all except being alone.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

empire state jumper

On May Day 1947, just after leaving her fiancĂ©, 23-year-old Evelyn McHale wrote a note. ‘He is much better off without me … I wouldn’t make a good wife for anybody,’ … Then she crossed it out.
~The Best of Life


The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex

Bad Word Generator

Pretty much different names for turds. I think he did a gnar job on it. Click link and try it out

Actually had to turn the heat on

little cold the other night in the apt.

hang time (not the sitcom)

first thing I want to say is that I hate the sitcom Hang Time, so I guess this post is kinda about Hang Time the sitcom

even though Amber Barretto is such a major fox, the show still suckedOk so anyway, Hung out with Spencer and Art the other week.
Arts house is almost done, its awesome. Spencer played us one of his favorite comedy CDS
yea, Martin Lawrence. Wasnt good. Really dated material. If you go back and listen to Denis Leary's No Cure For Cancer, it still fucking rules. This had terrible jokes and it was boring
Sweet comedy topics too! I was reading the thanks list and was shocked to see this
"... and the lady in my life Lark Vorhees". I had no clue he dated Lisa Turtle. I did the math, and at the time he was 28 and she was 19. Just thought it was weird. We went to pizza hut afterwords
chomped Za. thats about it...