Friday, December 31, 2010

Shore Mall

This is the sign that points to Capri Pizza, Chinese Food and Gyromania.
I was walking the mall today, and saw the same sign down by the DMV
back in the 80s there used to be an orange julius down at the end, along with other eat places. It was right next to a small collectors store called beachcomber. I never noticed they left the sign there till today. In front of Spaceport Arcade there used to be a candy hut. For some reason they took it out, and theres a Boardwalk fries in its place. I was looking at the advertisement
i dont think the machine cutting the fries is really appetizing.

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KATIE said...

there is currently a hurricane simulator at the shore mall. it will cost you 2 bucks. i have yet to experience it; when i do, i'll send a report. apparently you just stand in it and it makes fake wind. i'm anticipating a lawn flamingo to hit me in the face when i walk in. maybe the cow from twister. hurricane, tornado, who cares.