Friday, December 10, 2010

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

I was looking up videos of hecklers and watched this video.. got really angry

everyone is allowed to have their own opinion except her? Getting Owned? They try to change her view, she sticks up for herself. I kept watching her videos

people think shes weak and attack to show how tough and smart they are, usually they lose

seriously kill myself, why am I watching the view?

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HeatherFe said...

Honestly, I'd be the same way. She is a fucking asshole. The epitome of everything I have hated and will ever hate. As soon as she takes a breath of air I want to tell her to shut the fuck up. I would be tickled pink if I could put red hot coals in her mouth and staple her lips together then seal it shut with a mixture of shit and hot glue.

Also, I didn't watch the clip. So I don't even know what the topic was or if I could agree with her at all. I just can't listen to any more of her piece of shit opinions no matter what they are. For Christ's sake why is she even on tv? Her rise to fame was being on Survivor! At LEAST have some journalistic background or be a real entertainer. I can't watch that show even when she isn't on, too much squawking it gives me a headache.