Monday, March 30, 2009

[radio/demo] Tegan and Sara-Days and Days/Painting Song

Painting Song RADIO *rules*
it could have been a month or
it could have been year
but I gave up long before
cause I've been tired for days and days

The radio version rules so much better than the Demo version I think. Days and Days it what its called when they played it on the radio and The Painting Song is what its called on their demo. Its the same song. If you want to hear the Demo version here it is.

if you know what happened monday march 30th 2009 at practice, this is about that.

Painting Song DEMO

fedor fight with hong man choi

Hong man choi
7ft 2 inches


Ren and Stimpy Close-ups

No Im not turning into Kali Kazoo or John K. But the close up shots they used to do on the show ruled. They used to put so much gross detail in them and made them look so hainus and most non triumphant. I noticed that spongebob does it a lot too. Does anyone agree they ruled? or care? blah

lame post

vlog 2

why do they call it a head shop?

Just found out someone reads this blog

never forget the Christmas 99' present exchange

first practice

needz work, but major potential to rule.


Cloudy with a chance of meatballs [fat kids dream story]

when I was a kid, I loved this book but I never knew the name of it. For years growing up I always tried to find it, but then gave up thinking that it was a no name book and no one ever heard of it. I would tell people about it, and they would act shocked when I told them what it was about. When I was at the theater, I saw they're making a movie based off the book.
It sucks I had to see the poster to remember the name of the book. If I remember correctly there was no scientist in the original. Another bullshit attempt on making money with old books.

Book Link


get your haircut at fucking attitudes.

Next to Tilton theaters. Saw the sign after I saw The Haunting in Connecticut. Movie sucked, big time.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Book Covers

just for reference so I have them when I need them

Jessie Burke did the artwork for "Life Is Not Funny, So Why Is Mine A Joke"
Shawn Gorman did the artwork for " Tired Of Living, Tired Of Sinning, Boy Am I Tired"

I dont think Im going to sell "Tired Of Living, Tired Of Sinning, Boy Am I Tired" anymore

New Cup Cutter


bite me, I have nothing good to post again


Neat Pics with a shitty Cell Phone

Im seriously glad I work with someone who is weird. Makes the time go by so much faster.

Ipod to TV cable [RULES]

Its simple, it works, it rules. Somethings people dont realize when using it is that you have to go to the video settings on your Ipod and turn TV OUT to ON. Leave Widescreen on for better quality.
You plug in the TV cable to the Ipod and into the audio and video jacks in your TV/VCR/DVD player Whatever. Pick whatever the hell you want to watch and click play. Its pretty righteous. The quality of the video is as flawless, cant tell its from the ipod. I like the 5th gen better cause it fits the video to screen, the 6th gen spreads it out, and makes it look horrible, even when you put widescreen on. If you have videos on your Ipod or video podcast or just want to listen to music this thing rules and works. I bought two off of Amazon for around 5$The problem is the price has shot up to 15$ dollars now. I dont know if its worth that much. but if you're interested heres the link.

IPOD to TV- Cable 14.99$

found it here for much cheaper:

IPOD to TV- Cable 5.99$

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Needz to find that album. Really good and catchy music along the lines of Lifetime. Loved this 7inch. Came out in 97' I think. Help a dude out! The cover had a ship sinking, titanic style. I remember one of the lyrics was
"Televiosns on, Im off Again"


screw you, I have nothing good to post

03 hieroglyphics

When I first got my job at the golf course I seriously didnt think I would last at the job, let alone stay here for 6 years. I remember writing this the winter of 03'. The weather did some damage to it. It says


what a loser

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

file under private UPDATE 2

Whyd you have to go and make things so DUMPlicated

Found this

Jingle Offer

When we were younger, and bored, a friend and myself went to the train station with an acoustic guitar. He played this country style twangy song that was annoying but catchy. We both made up these lame lyrics that went like this:

I like to have sex with
Cows and Sheep And Horses
Pigs and Chickens Too
Dont You Know Babe Thats What I Like To Do

we kept singing it over and over again. Some dude was sitting there trying to pretend he wasnt listening, but after the 4th time he started laughing. The train came up, and he said " You guys interested in writing a jingle for our company?". We were excited and said sure. We asked for his companies card and he almost missed his train trying to find it for us in his briefcase. Sad to say we didnt do the jingle. I just think it was cool we got the offer.

The Net [movie]

Was this movie back then cutting edge? I remember nothing about it. All I remember is there was a virus on some guitar website and she ate M&Ms and Anchovies on a Pizza. I tried the pizza when I was a kid, and if I remember correctly it honestly tasted pretty good. Its that salty and sweet kinda combo thing. If you are a rebel dude or dudette, try it. Dont you wanna be cool like Bullock?

I missed the Sharon Van Etten show yesterday

kinda bummed. no one wanted to go. I need to stop depending on people. I missed Rilo Kiley cause derm went and saw Strikeback, big time regret for that. I remember Ross knew they were my band of bands back then, he said " Dude you've been waiting for this show, find someone, I'll pay for their gas, your ticket in and their ticket in. Just get here". What an awesome dude, miss him alot. Even though Ross said it sucked, I still would have loved to see them cause they were still play Execution of All things and Take Offs and Landings. I need to learn how to like driving in philly I guess. stink

get music from this blog

I have nothing good to post. Im tapped out. saw we

Monday, March 23, 2009

ATTN: Brett K.

Could you Rapidshare/Mediafire these for me please??

Muscle Bound Citizens
Tank Studio Prank Call


Im a fucking idiot

guess what.. didnt work. I wasted 1.99$ on these "energy pads". Here is the diagram they give on their website.Ohhh now I get it. Its a band aid with a logo on it for 2$. WASTE


I didnt get it at first

Lincoln Dew

I saw this with the volume down and laughed.. if you dont think its funny, try watching it with no audio first.

file under private UPDATE

Transporter DUMP

Spaghett About It

You know it sucks when I dont finish my meal. Luigi's in Ocean City, more like Chef Boyardee from a can. The sauce sucked. Honestly been trying to find some place as good as Jordans vegetarian pasta and meat sauce. Im not just saying it, her fucking food was good.

Berlin Market

picture of Mel Gibson. Barter Town Youth Crew
Wonder Women can do some serious leg spreading. There was one thing I wish I took a picture of, it was a Stargate Deep Space 9 Picture Frame. Meh, sorry my posts suck today

My Fridge

The lame thing is, I went on ebay looking for stickers. The only "lot" of stickers I found that were really cheap, were the Ross Perot ones.

Matrix Rules

I found this dollar. I guess I was trying to think of something funny to write so I thought I would make it seem like a Matrix fan had it. I did this a few months ago and its not funny, its money

Should have bought this book

Got issues much? God, what an awesome name for a book filled with celebrities who tell their deepest darkest secrets. I flipped through and saw that most of them talk about not being cool, or having no friends. Christina Ricci was a little drastic Michelle Williams cried cause she was talking to her friend and said she got hired for a movie, some guy walked by and said "What part are you playing? the dog? woof". I didnt buy it, but you can if you want, people are selling it new for 0.01$.


Friday, March 20, 2009

cerrie burnell

not aloud to be on a tv sitcom for kids. Parents in England said that she would scare the children. Talk about acceptance.

Weird NJ magazine

When it first came out it was awesome. They showed old buildings, old train stations, abandoned hospitals, talked about NJ ghost stories and even this building in AbseconI remember we used to check some places out that were in the magazine. But the mag went downhill fast. Only the first 3 issues were good and they came out in the early 90s. Everything in the magazine after that had to be haunted, there was no abandoned buildings, or cool places to check out anymore, it was only dumb articles like the Haunted Mcdonalds of New Brunswick, or the Bowling Alley Of Ghosts. They were abandoned places that people made stories about. People would send in these long stories about how they saw ghosts or heard voices or levetated or their friend got possesed and the dumb magazine posted them. I used to think it ruled.. now it fucking drools.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Got a 30 gig 5th gen ipod

not as righteous as the 80 gig, but I honestly like the 5th gen case and cover better than the 6th gen. Im so awesome I dont spell out generation. The 6th gen had a glass screen, and it scraped very easily. Karlore

I just downloaded these 4 albums

Lucky Soul- The great unwanted *sucks*
California Snow Story- Close to the ocean *rules*
Vomit Remnants- Supreme Entity *rules*
Cryptopsy- None So Vile *rules*

Phobophile rules