Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I missed the Sharon Van Etten show yesterday


kinda bummed. no one wanted to go. I need to stop depending on people. I missed Rilo Kiley cause derm went and saw Strikeback, big time regret for that. I remember Ross knew they were my band of bands back then, he said " Dude you've been waiting for this show, find someone, I'll pay for their gas, your ticket in and their ticket in. Just get here". What an awesome dude, miss him alot. Even though Ross said it sucked, I still would have loved to see them cause they were still play Execution of All things and Take Offs and Landings. I need to learn how to like driving in philly I guess. stink


eric said...

I totally forgot

steve said...

i was asleep by 9:30..been working the docks like a one-armed tramp..you should come up to philly sometime soon though