Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tegan and Sara Book Info

"This past month I have been in Los Angeles working hard on what will hopefully be the first Tegan and Sara book in a series of books we intend on self publishing next year! Each book in the series will not only be amazing, artistic, and packed full of Tegan and Sara essays, photos and love but it will also be reasonably priced! Ha. We hope you'll keep it in mind in the New Year!" - Tegan

Book 1 - Fall Tour - By Lindsey
Book 2 - Australia - By Lindsey
Book 3 - New Orleans - By Ryan

"Emys layin them out. 2 books are a look at life on the road. Lindsey Byrnes took the photos. AnHorse, NorthernState DallasGreen and other people/bands wrote stuff! The 3rd book has photos by RYAN Russell. Looks at our trip to new orleans. creepy shit. interviews. forward by Chris Walla. lots of info you need to get! Pre sales in June! Special edition with Sara Art. Limited copies!!"
- Tegan


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