Friday, March 20, 2009

Weird NJ magazine

When it first came out it was awesome. They showed old buildings, old train stations, abandoned hospitals, talked about NJ ghost stories and even this building in AbseconI remember we used to check some places out that were in the magazine. But the mag went downhill fast. Only the first 3 issues were good and they came out in the early 90s. Everything in the magazine after that had to be haunted, there was no abandoned buildings, or cool places to check out anymore, it was only dumb articles like the Haunted Mcdonalds of New Brunswick, or the Bowling Alley Of Ghosts. They were abandoned places that people made stories about. People would send in these long stories about how they saw ghosts or heard voices or levetated or their friend got possesed and the dumb magazine posted them. I used to think it ruled.. now it fucking drools.

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