Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jingle Offer

When we were younger, and bored, a friend and myself went to the train station with an acoustic guitar. He played this country style twangy song that was annoying but catchy. We both made up these lame lyrics that went like this:

I like to have sex with
Cows and Sheep And Horses
Pigs and Chickens Too
Dont You Know Babe Thats What I Like To Do

we kept singing it over and over again. Some dude was sitting there trying to pretend he wasnt listening, but after the 4th time he started laughing. The train came up, and he said " You guys interested in writing a jingle for our company?". We were excited and said sure. We asked for his companies card and he almost missed his train trying to find it for us in his briefcase. Sad to say we didnt do the jingle. I just think it was cool we got the offer.

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