Friday, March 6, 2009

Sia - Some people have real problems

Album music is most def very indie rock, but the singing is more soul/r&bish. This is something I could hear on the radio or see on vh1, not so much in my CD/Ipod collection. I enjoyed listening to it, but it was like her voice was to good for the music. Not a 100% positive mesh. Again Im glad I listened to it... Im going to give it a few more listens, I most def think this album is going to grow.. we'll see. Thank you

It appears to me the graph has come and stolen all the laughs
It appears to me the pen has over analysed again
And if I am a number I’m infinity plus one
And if you are five words you are afraid to be the one
And if you are a number you’re infinity plus one
And if I am four words then I am needing of your love

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