Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ipod to TV cable [RULES]

Its simple, it works, it rules. Somethings people dont realize when using it is that you have to go to the video settings on your Ipod and turn TV OUT to ON. Leave Widescreen on for better quality.
You plug in the TV cable to the Ipod and into the audio and video jacks in your TV/VCR/DVD player Whatever. Pick whatever the hell you want to watch and click play. Its pretty righteous. The quality of the video is as flawless, cant tell its from the ipod. I like the 5th gen better cause it fits the video to screen, the 6th gen spreads it out, and makes it look horrible, even when you put widescreen on. If you have videos on your Ipod or video podcast or just want to listen to music this thing rules and works. I bought two off of Amazon for around 5$The problem is the price has shot up to 15$ dollars now. I dont know if its worth that much. but if you're interested heres the link.

IPOD to TV- Cable 14.99$

found it here for much cheaper:

IPOD to TV- Cable 5.99$

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weseenolimits said...

watching tim and eric with you and this device brought much joy to my life