Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Birds (with a Y)

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Camden Aquarium/Shannons 21st

First, none of my pictures came out that good. We went there for Shannon's 21st birthday and it was a really good time. These are the only two pictures that were ok...the most depressing thing. These two hippos sitting under water, only moving their head out of the water for air, then back under, sad life.
Happy Birthday Shannon, 21, Casino, Lets set it up!


This car has lasted me about 6 years. I paid 500$ for it but put in over 2,000$. I drove it over and got 236$ for scrap. On the way over, the front wheels were wobbling, the brakes went and it overheated, smoking like a bong loyalist. Had to rip the license plates off because I didnt have any tools. Thank you Chris Born for the motivation to get rid of this and the ride back.

Pics by Chris Born. More pics soon.. who cares

iPhone app

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kimmi Gibbler

Lightning Leak [long lame who cares]

Got a call that there was a leak on 16. The message said " lighting struck the ground and then the irrigation line broke ". When I heard that, the only thing I thought was bullshit. We went out there with the floating bunker pump to get the water out of the caved in area.
Dug out the area and actually found a metal line running across the fairway. The PVC pipe was running under the metal line, so I started thinking, I guess its possible lightning struck.
why they put the pipe under and the wires over I'll never understand. 
fixed the leak, put the wires under the metal line and put a piece of rubber over the PVC
We turned the water on, tried the sprinkler heads and the entire right side of the fairway wouldnt work. Dug up one of the solenoids on the head and checked it. 
destroyed. Now I believed lightning struck. Here are some other ones.
this is what I used to fix the problem
cut off the previous solenoid from the head and stripped back the wires
hooked up the new solenoid to the old ground wires
place the wires in a D.B.U. (direct burial unit) which prevents water from corroding the connection
hooked the new solenoid back to the head.
worked perfect. 

waste of time

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trash VHS

storm style

Borna's Burton Collection

crazy but awesome. congrats dude

Happy Birthday Spencer

rooftop bbq and hang. goodtimez


did not buy Mama Sutra
Did not buy this "action figure"
did buy microwave cover

Mourning Batz

the other morning the dog at work was standing over something next to the shop.. at first I thought it was a bird, I turned the light on my phone and saw it was a bat. Still alive and moving its wings. I took some pictures and moved it away from the dog. I looked at the pictures later and noticed it was 2 bats
who cares

Molotovcarfire 2

old post from gunstreet-girl

Rain Book

Found this book in the rain today, it was called something like "Abnormal Psychiatrist", flipping through the book saw these pictures.

Weird Ball [Tennesee]

been trying to find this for awhile, Im glad I did... I know, Im lame... kill myself

Full House [Intro]

Watching an old intro from Full House, I guess to keep it more family friendly they had to cut out these sexy babes.


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