Monday, March 31, 2008

I know WWE is fake

but it was to SUCK when your nose gets broken.

look at the 4th punch, how it goes across his nose, thats what def broke it. You can see how the big show falls after that punch, he had to be in pain and angry. Im not a wrestling loving dude, but I heard about this and had to check it... crazy.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bif Naked

I remember when this came out, I thought she was a babe, and I thought the song was gnarly. Honestly its still pretty good, it needs to be added to the 90s video post I made.

just had a flashback.. no lie

You know I was sitting here, and had a flash back of movies I saw when I was around 3 years old, and I lived in somers point. I remember the women that baby sat us made us watch Dark crystal (a movie young kids shouldnt watch)thats the one I remember, but I just had a flash back of pirates and singing, and some song about a general. So I did research and found the movie, its called The pirates of penzance,
I cant beleive I found it and even remembered it. But theres another one Im trying to remember. I might need help figuring it out, please help me. Im guessing its a musical, a little girl or boy, in a dessert, and a guy walks up and starts singing. They dance in the desert singing all I remember in the song is " and then we touch" and he sticks his hand out towards the kid whos in a cage or in a ship. Something about a wolf sticks out in my head too. The name of the movie has something about comet, or star rider or something like that. I wish I could remember it was soo long ago. the kid had red hair I think, like a little red hair affro. gee do work son!

mtv I hate you

mtv you took tegan and sara, you took rilo kiley... now you're taking Yelle. what the fuck... if Owl City is next, I will boycott your fucking channel

Sway..I hate you

Now he needs to figure out how to act, either act like a ghetto ass guy, or a white guy. I notice when he interviews/talks to white celebs/musicians he talks normal. But if hes in the same room with a black person, its "what up, yo homie, my niggah, shit be crazy ot" and shit like that. I hate his fake ass attitude, I hate his fucking dreads hiding in his ENORMOUS hat, I hate his ENORMOUS hat, I hate him. I cant express my anger as much as I wish I could, hes on interviewing Sean Combs right now, and hes acting over ghetto, its embarrassing. Now, I think he kinda looks like this guy from "Men at Work"
now, I like this guy, hes a good actor, how can you not like a guy that has a line like this

"there are several sacred things in this world
that you don't ever mess with, one of them
happens to be another mans fries
now you remember that, and you will live
a long and healthy life"

this guy is gnar, hate sway, even though dude looks like sway, I still hate sway.

who cares... whatever

Takin an old mans bone..

this dog is the course dog, its a thousand years old, but still is ready to fight when someone tries to take his shit. Look at them pearly yellows ready to chomp some nards. like the american nightmare song, "PLEASE DIE"!!

Brigantine News Paper.. way to spell

read under where it says Live DJ... obviously they meant to say crowning, I doubt this is what they had in mindnow Im no pro speller, but how did that get buy the editing team. Its a dumb idea anyway.. if people are that desperate to relive their prom, they need to stop living in their failed past. I mean what women is sitting at her job thinking " I didnt get a crown, I hated my prom date, I really really wish there was a way I could relive it" no women is wishing that and if there is a women out there, not enjoying your prom is the least of your worries...

Friday, March 28, 2008

mike murro art 4


Brigantine in the morning

lame cell phone camera, neat pic


yo 711, way to spread the cream cheese on the bagel... these bagels suck anyway, Im not gonna get em anymore. The middle eastern dude that works there is SUPER lazy. When I go there in the morning, I catch him sometimes washing his feet in the sink.. he knows I see him, but plays it off like I didnt just catch him putting his raunchy foot in there.. then I guess hes not lazy if hes cleaning his feet... whatever, keep the corns in the chips and out of the sink!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gee was right (paramore)

Hayley Williams is a babe and the Paramore cd is gnarly

From the top, one down on the left

I bought this collection off ebay for $9.99.. for one 7 inch.. thats it!! It wasnt for true colors, or she bop.. it was for the Goonies R Good Enough 7inch! I needed it, I wanted it...I failed again.

kill me

I just talked to artie smith

he told me some honestly funny and gnarly tour stories. I told him he better be keeping like a diary of all this shit thats happening. I also told him about the cafepress book deal thing, and told him I would help him get the book together for pressing. Im so souped to read it, and its not even out yet. I really hope he keeps up on it. I told him make it like diary entries, not stories that he had to edit and reread, told him the experience is whats interesting, not how hes writing.
I am tour legend -will(artie) smith

I just think that this book would be for people into the same kinda music, and that are jealous of what hes doing, and are wondering how it is out there for bands that arent van halen or aerosmith. KEEP WRITING ARTIE!

friends make plans

then say they have other plans, and ditch you hard. thanks friend. YAHG!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

so tired

Art and I decided to just throw the baseball around for awhile today... god am I outta shape, and have no stamina. Plus the field we played on was like this:
:thats me going for a pop-fly like david justice. The outfield was horrible, so uneven.. no excuse for my failed performance... blah

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

book Im working on

I found out on cafepress you can write a book, and they press it and print it for you, and they are made to order. I was thinking of taking this screen play I wrote 3 years ago, and just turning it into a short story. the name of the screen play was his name was jennifer.. and I think I'd be able to make it about 100 pages of okness.. I dont know, Im kinda souped to do it, but you need to make the file a pdf file, and I dont have adobe to do that.. Im just gonna write it, and see how it comes out.

Monday, March 24, 2008

I stole this

I just put it together, and edited it. heres the link

my crap phone takes neat pics

while we were waiting for loads of sand, I just took some shots of Doby. My camera phone is pretty raw for a prepaid shit receiver.

first off diss

rod and reel bathroom

Sunday, March 23, 2008

what am I doing in this pic?

A.) Laughing
B.) Singing Goo Goo Dolls
C.) Tarzan Scream
D.) Screaming Raise the roof
E.) Screaming like Xena

found a video of me doing this, took a screen shot. Look at the hair, look at the glasses... heavens

Saturday, March 22, 2008

City Never Sleeps weirdo pics

Spencer looking like a straight up weirdo when we were recording the city never sleeps demo

Backyard Workout

yea this week Im starting to workout with what I have. We'll see with this new no eating meat, and working out how much weight I'll kick. Next stop, smaller portions and running. Success? probably failure.

Top Chef 4

Im lame, I really enjoy watching Bravos Top Chef, this season is pretty good, not as good as season 3, but still awesome. These two are the ones I hope will make it to the finale, they seem humble and the food they made on the first episode was gnar. Even though dude on the left is wearing pink crocs, he is a beast chef. Girl on the right I hope wins it all, she won the first episode, and she was shaking when she was plating her first dish. It just shows shes not scum, that shes nervous, and showing real emotions. I hope one of these two win, I hope its Stephanie and Richard head to head on the final episode... but Stephanie I hope will win.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Lars Ulrich...

hes at the Calgary Flames home office,
and they have a signed shirt up on the wall with every team member signature. he has marker in his handthis is what this faggot writes on the wall.
what a faggot... I hate him.


Tegan and Sara

2004 I typed Jealous in, what came up was a pre-order for a CD called "So Jealous" by Tegan and Sara. I never heard of them So I said meh, why not. When the CD was shipped to me I listened to it none stop...all the songs were catchy, and not one bad "filler" song on the album. When the new CD came out, same thing, had to pre-order it from england because it came out a week earlier then it did in America. This is the hot track off that album. Im a sucker for Tegan and Sara.


the best times of my life was driving with gee to a "Sad State of Affairs" show, watching them, then leaving. They always put on a good set, and we always had a gnar time chillen with them. Wish they would play a final show.. but it'll never happen. Their live set was killer, and their songs were hype as anything. Still, the Demo was better then the S/T EP.

"to many years with knives in our back, look at us now, stabbing life back
don't try to stop us, don't waste your breath
the kids arent dead we're just fucking deaf"

Brigantine updates, interested?

Probably not, but here it goes. Ok, someone bought the property that the old club house sat on, on North shore drive. Tore it down, flattened out the area and made a wall of rocks in fence boxes to protect the area from looks pretty gnar in person. We cut greens for the first time on 2/25/08, pretty much we didnt cut any grass.this the 13th hole, cant see lines, only tire tracks, the grass is more green then it looks. We almost have the back 9 fairway bunkers done. We only needed drainage on the two fairway bunkers on 13. But honestly, we might need to add more sand due to the wind blowing like a 90 year old women at her birthday cake.
Seriously.. the sand blew at least 200 yards out of the bunker. We've been busting our rear trying to get all of them done by the end of march.. we start early...really early.. when we're loading the Cushman trucksters, we sometimes have to wait for the sun to come up. Major problem is that our 2 Cushmans have more problems then the challenger on its first flight. While putting sand in the bunkers we pass the time by making Henry's dog (Doby) attack people cutting through the course, rabbits, cats, dogs and muskrats.
ready to attack. Thats it, work is work, and we all are trying to get this done, right and on time.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

nobody told me they're using cock lard

sheer disrespect sample

Ebay buys.. and WHYS!

Ok.. honestly.. why the hell did I buy these things. Unopened 6th series garbage pail kids, and unopened harry and the hendersons cards. I saw them and thought, hey, great deal.. I need these!! then after I click "buy it now", I go.. why the hell, did I buy this. I suck with my money, and choices.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

still no sow, foul, or cow

not eating that chicken, pig or cow is pretty easy. I thought I would be crying and struggling. But Im doing pretty gnar, you suck gee.