Thursday, July 30, 2009

08' Chopped and Screwed

kakakill myself

Red Robin Teriyaki Burger

Sucks. The place seems to be hype, I mean 9.50$ for just a burger.. holy lord. They have so many burgers I didnt know what to pick.. then I remembered seeing this trash unit eating a Teriyaki burger from Carls Jr. on TMZ
it sounded good... jokes on me.. it tasted like trash. Teriyaki drenched all over an undercooked burger with pineapple. Fries ruled though. Has anyone eaten there? Whats a gnar burger to chomp on?


kill myself

Leak hole 2

This leak was a super easy fix. Recently, the lesco extension pvc pipes have been failing. Sucks, cause the leaks we fixed a year ago are now leaking again due to a crappy product.Not normal for the product to break there...obviously. Sucks I posted about posting leaks again, and we get a leak the next day... lame

Eisley - Room Noises
Really gnarly album. I have Derm to thank for getting me into them. Family band, all brothers and sisters and either the bass player or the drummer is a cousin. Its an enjoyable album from start to finish.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Emiliana Torrini

Cd Rules.

flawless New Found Glory cover


ACDO on Itunes

I loaded them to see if it would work.. and obviously it did. They're also up on napster and rhapsody. hellz yes. Jealous?

oh yes, this IS blog worthy

Katie.. shes boss

Brown Patch on the 4th Green

It didnt last long.

Leak List Updated

I havent been taking pictures of leaks cause I thought you guys hated them. Well Im going to start taking pictures and posting them bad. we've had some doozees recently.

Mission Impossible NES

All I remember from this game is the scream.

First time I heard it, it scared the shazbot out of me. I dont remember how the gameplay was, or if it was even good.. the scream was triumphant

NES Games and Their Soundtracks

I was reading a post written by Shaun Holland on the NERDPALACEblog. He talked about how the music in some games stick in your brain more then the actual game itself. I agree with him 100%. Here is a list of games I feel the music is more boss then the actual game.

this music was the best I think. Its creepy and catchy.. the game was good. map was weird but it still ruled

Level 1
Level 2
*Click the link to listen to the tracks.

cheat code : ABBA. Song rules soo hard

I liked this game and the song was righteous.
Level 1
*Click link to hear track

game ruled and the music did too
Zone A
*Click link to hear the track

for some reason I really liked this game and the music.

Check this website for songs from video games..

Howl at me cub

I hate to admit I saw this on mtv, but I did. I thought it was pretty boss so I posted it.. deal with it, I sold out to corporate mtv entertainment...

"Yes, I build websites"

Saturday, July 25, 2009



Kid Rock Lyrics

Never gay, no way, I dont play with ass
But watch me rock with Liberace flash
Punk rock, The clash
Boy bands are trash
I like Johnny Cash and Grand Master Flash
I'm a porno flick, I'm like amazing grace
I'm gonna fuck some hoe's after I rock this place

hes signed to Atlantic and Jive records...his lyrics are folks

if you didnt know

zonked out

If you needed a box... how much would you spend on one?

I would spend zero dollars and zero cents and just find one. Joel on the other hand would pay 15$
money waster usa

Kristi Yamaguchi world domination

from triple axels, to double lutz, now to kelloggs and keebler shes dominating everything... even this blog. I found all these yamaguchi products at big lots.
is she still popular? The last time she won anything was 1990. I want to see the Oksana Baiul pancake mix or the Nancy Kerrigan Pop-tarts.

00.40$ left on the card.. someone won


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


hellz to the yes

Tegan and Sara - Sainthood [CD] October 09

Sainthood (not Thainthood) from Tegan and Sara on Vimeo.

kurt cobain whats he eatin?

Day 47 from Tegan and Sara on Vimeo.

Reverie Sound Revue OUT NOW!

An Anniversary Away by Reverie Sound Revue from Reverie Sound Revue on Vimeo.

They recorded this album in 2007 and its just being released now? I pre ordered it awhile ago.. still waiting for it. This is the same video, but the music is mixed and mastered. I kinda like the rough mix better. I have a feeling this album is going to rock and roll.

BUY THE ALBUM HERE this link for another song off the album

oh hellz yes

my car was only 90$ to be fixed. thank the lord.. Im such a happy dude that this friday at 9:00 Im posting up a 25$ gift card.I know its not much. first person to use it, wins it.

Past Winners:
Shawn Gorman: 25$ Itunes Gift Card
Mike Murro: 50$ Best Buy Gift Card



This shirt was given as a gift. I found this site where this dude collects a bunch of old band shirts.
does anyone care? meh
thanks spencer

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

(C)lark(K)enny(Y)anni(2K)evlar VIDEO
Honestly I think its the best one. I think 4 is pretty good too, but 2 is the funniest. ENJOY

Be-ong Flux

who lurks this blog?

comment.. let me know. I allowed anyone to comment. You dont need to be a member to comment... GO!

My WikiAnswer to a Question

right? got her

Sheer Disrespect

This was a shirt we were gonna get made up, but never did. Its not supposed to look all fucked up like that.
Strong Arm Respect*
I think that was the best Paul ever sounded. The funniest thing about this band is not that we used a drum machine.. its that a band in germany used one of our song titles for their band name. I thought it was just coincidence untill John Bowes came back from his tour and told us it wasnt.Shawn wrote all the music for the songs, I just wrote the "lyrics". Sheer Disrespect was pre joke tough guy bands CDC and Widowmaker.

Refused Demo
rules hard

leaves of 3

fuck youI got it everywhere...and I mean everywhere. Sucks

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Congo Rap

it has nothing to do with congo... or does it? I honestly dont know.

It took me 10 mins for the rap, 10 mins for the hot ass rap beat, 35 mins for the video. Im a twisted freak... enjoy

Convo/Chris Born Joke

chris: I've been eating a lot of sushi lately
me: gotta be careful, if you eat a lot of it you could get sick
chris: how
me: that actor Jeremy Piven only ate sushi for a month or something and got mercury poisoning
chris: really
me: yea, Freddy Mercury poisoning, now he has AIDS


chris: I got a new one, what is the fear of christmas called?
me: I dont know
chris: Santa Clausetraphobia
me: bravo
chris: my bad joke fire has been rekindled

ACCC Class

I was reading through the none credit courses at ACCC and Im signing up for 4 of them.

6 - 9 PM
6 - 9 PM
NOV 11
6 - 9 PM
6 - 9 PM

If anyone wants to take them with me let me know... I'll be signing up this friday. 65$ a class. This is one class I wont be spending 59$ on


I checked that garden I planted earlier this year. Havent been watering it, or taking care of it at all.. I know, Im an asshole to plants.. deal with it. Well when I checked it, I found this Space lord mother mother growingI used these two new vhs releases to show how large this honky is.