Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Oil Prices Bite Big Time

Oil has reached a new high
gas prices fly
soaring through the air
just like a duck
but no one cares
dont really like to use dawn products
cause they use them on animals
when the oil spills
in the exxon valdez
oh my god theres oil everywhere
theres a duck thats gonna die
everybody knows why
everybody cares about their thighs
varicose veins
we need to do something as a community
we need to unify
thats called unity
political raps is what its all about
I dont need to scream dont need to shout
I'll kick my flow I'll kick your face
then I'll spray my head with mace
I tried to make a horrible beat, then just say whatever comes to my brain... the commercial for the dawn soap cleaning the animals was on TV.. I know its horrible. If you want the mp3 file leave a message and I'll post it up.


weseenolimits said...

rules rules rules rules rules rules rules best rap next to eye in the sky

weseenolimits said...

rules !