Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NES Games and Their Soundtracks

I was reading a post written by Shaun Holland on the NERDPALACEblog. He talked about how the music in some games stick in your brain more then the actual game itself. I agree with him 100%. Here is a list of games I feel the music is more boss then the actual game.

this music was the best I think. Its creepy and catchy.. the game was good. map was weird but it still ruled

Level 1
Level 2
*Click the link to listen to the tracks.

cheat code : ABBA. Song rules soo hard

I liked this game and the song was righteous.
Level 1
*Click link to hear track

game ruled and the music did too
Zone A
*Click link to hear the track

for some reason I really liked this game and the music.

Check this website for songs from video games..

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newbeardoo said...

friday the 13th is one of my favorite nes games. i have the rom of it on my desktop computer. love it , so awesome. i wish they would make a 360 game or something like it.