Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Demolition Sale

There was a demolition sale in Ocean City. Art went and bought all the hardwood floors on all 3 levels for 200$.
He and his brother have been working on this Jazz since sunday. I came and helped alittle on sunday. He got all the hard wood floors on the third floor and the second floor was almost done when I came.
I felt kinda bad yesterday, we got there worked for 10 mins and took a break to eat. Art and his brother needed a break and it just so happened to happen when we got there.
This picture looks like a new Jade Tree band. Sassy skanks. The sandwiches Adriana made were boss. Chicken Salad with Apples... honestly really good. So anyway, to get up to the second and third floor you have to danger these stairs. On Sunday I had no problem walking up and down them.
But as you can see the 3rd stair is missing. I was heading up, and it broke off the wall. All day yesterday another group of people were in the house taking everything. They took Toilets, Showers, Bathtubs down these stairs. So it put so much strain on those nails that when I stepped on it, it pretty much had all it could. So I just stayed down stairs for a good part of the day transporting the wood to Jeeps and Trucks. Legs are killing me. Joels tailgate got scratched.. and he got pissed no matter how hard he tries to deny it
After all the wood was loaded I went back up the stairs to help finish the rest of the second floor. The house is a double and the house on the other side had stairs that still existed and werent cut up, so I told art, " Why dont we just punch through the wall and take the other stairs down?"
and thats how we all got down safe from then on. The side we kicked looked like a hole in the wall. but the other side looked fucked upDemolition Party. Spencer showed up later and helped unload the wood. It started raining and we were running with trash cans of wood down stairs and dumping them in a basement. It was like a long Strong Man competition event, that seemed to never end. We chomped at Respect and called it a night.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Reverie Sound Revue - Arrows

not the video I wanted to post, but the song rules. So does the Sofia Coppola movie



nonstop listening right now

Joanna Newsom- The Milk-Eyed Mender
Denali - S/T and The Instinct
Engine Down - Demure
Metric - Fantasies

Late Hatchers

fixing the ruts in the 18th waste bunker and when I got the sand all these dudes were in there. Most of them were still busting out of their shells.who cares

from 13 looking at 12



kinda been bummed out lately. My laptop is broken yet again, punching and hitting it is not fixing it this time. I know I sound punk when I write that, but last time it stopped working I hit it like Lorraine Baines McFlys dad trying to get better reception for the Honeymooners. Things with the long distance are dismal. its depressing. should have just realized from the start how hard it would be. Well I stayed at work to post all those shitty things. I guess I'll try to post on saturdays, or until I get a cpu/laptop/homecomputer/pc at home.

Saw a rainbow

took a picture

chemtrail contrail lazernail

Burger King Kardiac

Triple Whopper
4 Mozzarella Sticks
5 Chicken Fries
I couldnt eat it all.


I was back on the John Deere this year. To my surprise the back 9 was fast, flawless and successful. Holes 11 and 16 usually cause a problem due to the fact they have hills, but I had zero problems and the greens already look like we didnt aerate

Dead in an hour

I was fertilizing the Fairways and almost ran this bird over. It was breathing really heavy, I picked it up, It perched on my fingers and didnt try to fly away. I brought it back to the shop and finished fertilizing the fairways. When I came back the mechanic said he found it dead and threw it in the weeds.

Konami in Pville

Konami put out some gnarly Arcade games back in the day. The Simpsons and Sunset Riders were boss. They also put out Zombies ate my Neighbors for sega and The Goonies, Metal Gear, and Contra for NES. So when I was driving through Pleasantville and saw this signI thought gnarly.. till I figured out Konami has Casino games. Here are some of the hot Casino games Konami makes.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

God you are a waiter my life is a stain wipe me out

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bundyful Life

I thought, hey this is gonna rule, so I bought it off amazon.com for 0.1$. Look at the bottom of the VHS. One person who I dont think is funny, one person I will never think is funny is playing the angel. I remember Sam Kinisons commercials during the Howard Stern Show on E! back in the day.

"Anyone whos been married as long as me can be a tour guide in hell"
"Get out of that bed every morning and say STILL LOVE YA HONEY"
"I've been married so many times I should have a guy at the wedding with drums, so during the vows "Do you promise to stay with her in sickness and in health" I do :Rim Shot: hey hey hey"

Not a fan

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Obama Saved by the bell

the way everyone reacted reminded me of saved by the bell.. so I made an intro like a saved by the bell episode

Not trying to sound rebellious, but come on...

Glenn Campbell covering green day... either Glenn Campbell is desperate, or Green Day has reached its true target audience... I hate the song so much, it was a way for them to get mondo air time on radios and tv... it has to suck for true die hard Green Day fans to see them turn into a mascara'd political viewed band. In my opinion they should have stopped after Insomniac, everything after that was trash

CDC Then and Now

2009Just funny this band has played more then 10 US Tours, more then 5 Europe Tours, toured with Terror, Sworn Enemy, Set Your Goals and Hoods, Played Africa, Hawaii, China, Israel, Russia, and they're still not signed to a label. You can hate them and hate there music all you want.. they've done more then your band will ever do... thats right.. Im talking to you Nickleback

Joel Started A Blog

Joel was telling me about some funny things hes found on the interweb... I told him I was going to steal them all unless he started a blog.. the first video is from his blog, and the second one is the one I remember from when I saw weird al live...

"now what the hell is hammy sing"


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Anti-flag tendencies

Wasnt Broadway Calls lyrics all about hanging out, smoking weed and partying with homies? I have no clue. Fucking hate bands that sing about anti american views...

but this fucking song is catchy, and the recording sound is gnar... still hate though.. whatever

Hard Eight

Movie rules.. its a typical blah blah blah movie.. but John C Reilly is really good in it.
really enjoyed it

Monday, September 7, 2009


Tartaki Schawalski


Nintendo Cereal

the only thing I remember about this cereal is that it didnt have a bag inside.. it had cardboard down the center, zelda on one side, mario on the other.
i wanna see some sad 3rd place frankenstein

Chopper Down


I made some trash riff, Art jazzed it up and made it sound better with some drumZ. Its only music, no vocals, i enjoy.

Leak Hole 2

there was a crack about 3 feet long up the pipe.

Family Double Dare


I made him eating a sandwich.. cause thats all hes good at..

Mort! Mort! Mort!

I've been reading an old Morton Downey Jr book. Its kinda good. He talks like hes awesome.. and sometimes it gets really annoying. He also talks about political problems from the 80s and early 90s. I mean I was a kid, so the things hes ranting about I could care less about. Guess thats what I get for buying an outdated book. All in all its an ok read so far
heres a hot topic on one of his tv shows

"oh whoopty doo Im black and I love heavy metal, shut your mouth"

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

BBQ Blog


new NOFX

Chris Born says it rules. Spencer said they have a song about Tegan and Sara...

Samberg Saves

when this came out, I wanted to hate it soo bad... but he wins... again. ending rules

it turns out Im really an angel, then the CIA they make a clone, but this ones a bad clone, cause hes in cahoots with the devil

was thinking about this...

I enjoy

Drawing while watering

I was trying to draw drugged out animals.


Tastykake Pumpkin Pie

Seasonal yum. 10/10

Tina Turner called...

Seriously this cart looks like it came from Thunderdome. Its beat to fuck but still runs...

we dont need another hero..

Out Of This World/They Came From Outer Space

seriously.. what kid didnt try putting their fingers together to freeze time. I used to watch this show a lot.. dont really remember to much except her dad was a crystal and she could freeze time.

this show was more on the raunch level of television. The only things I remember was they would smoke if they were with a girl, and the other one would feel the pain if they got punched.

two shows about space and teenagers

Art Howard Joke

What is Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett getting for Christmas?

Patrick Swayze

Arcade Database

This site is pretty righteous. Every arcade game and most of them have pictures. These are the ones I remember from The Space Port in the Shore Mall.. Fuck the Hamilton Mall.
I remember when the Simpsons game came out at the Ocean One Mall... so many quarters up on the monitor.

Debbie Gibson

I was trying to find a video I saw awhile ago of Debbie Gibson on stage singing with the Circle Jerks.. Couldnt find the video. So I checked around and all I good find for some proof was this paragraph off their wikipedia.

From Wikipedia:

"I Wanna Destroy You", features backing vocals from pop singer/songwriter Deborah Gibson, who had just wrapped up a solo album with the same producer the Circle Jerks were using. Gibson later made a surprise appearance at the Circle Jerks' performance at punk mecca CBGBs to perform "I Wanna Destroy You" with the band. Despite such media attention, the group suddenly imploded three weeks into a tour behind the album. The breakup would not be totally permanent, but Clark left music for good afterward.
you can hear her in the backround with the "ooohs and aahhhs"... suck

I hear Tiffany is singing on the new Hatebreed...... E.