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give it a chance, it starts off slow but rules really hard

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Seriously I feel like a weirdo, Im really interested in patches now. There are some companys and people that come up with some really awesome ideas.
I havent bought any yet but I seriously want to and I dont know why

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Made a seat for the Backhoe

Perot 1996 Sticker on a 2011 Impala

This sticker got me into a 20 min talk about Perot at JiffyLube. This guy walks into the waiting room and says "Perot stricker? Impala? Perot sticker on the Impala?". We started talking and he said he helped get him on the ballot in the early 90s. Really nice guy and some really great stories, he handed me his business card and said "google me"

Combos Caramel Creme

not good, not bad, worth a try

Tried to make a Banana Bart Cake

Not so good AL...

Warren Ellis - Crooked Little Vein

Very odd, very strange, very good book. Nieves let me borrow her copy and this is the fastest book I ever read. Its the first book I actually looked forward to finishing.
I told a coworker about it and he went the audiobook way.
Take a chance and pick it up. Im not going to lie, you will be uncomfortable reading it. I was told some of the stuff before I started reading, just be prepared to be disturbed. 

Febreze Falling Leaves [Best Scent]

If anyone sees these anywhere, buy them, I will reimburse you!
hard to find.

what does a phrenologist feel and interpret? [Antique Store]

Merry Christmas

Tiffany in a Tiffanys Box [Christmas Storys in FEB]

I bought someone a Tiffanys Bone China Coaster for Christmas this year.
I thought it would be awesome to trick this person and put a Tiffany CD in the box.
the CD fit perfect but they were not tricked.

2 Shovels One Green [Brigantine]

When people ask "what do you do when it snows", we clean the greens off.

respect haiku

this is to the days
a buffet was just a call
grub out and hang out

Handy Photo iPhone App

Im not that good with this app, but my coworker Mark is a beast at it. The only picture I did was the Verne Troyer sitting on the leg
Its probably not free anymore but its one of the easiest and best editing apps I've used.

1988 Commercial

Now when I was a kid, there were some pretty boss commercials. I still remember this product Fruit Slush because of the jingle.

Those kids slamming their spoons in the cup made it seem so cool. I thought it was called "Fruit Mush" because of how the guy is singing. Now when the Janet Jackson song came out in the 90s, I seriously thought she was singing about this product.
go to 1:59

I thought she was saying "I miss you Mush"

2008 Drawings [Found]

found these while cleaning the shop

Mollie, I'm going to burst if you don't kiss me soon [Name that movie]