Saturday, April 30, 2011

I bought some hag ass LA Gear Shoes

14.99$ at Foreman Mills.
I like high-tops. A few years ago, I bought a pair of reebok high-tops off ebay for 12$. I guess its the cool trendy thing to have hag shoes because every pair on ebay now is over 80$.

Atlantic City Race Course [Live Racing]

Atlantic City Race Course Live Racing
April 28-29-30
May 1-2-3
Out of all the times I've been to the track, I've never seen the parking lot this packed.
To tell you the truth it was kinda lame this year, a lot of frat bros drunk and really young trash kids running around with their trash parents yelling at them. I won one bet but ended up leaving down.
my brother ripped up his winning ticket. He had 2 bets on the same ticket, one bet lost, the other was a winner. Whatever.. the highlight was trying to get a picture of some dude wearing a nickleback shirt with pride...
success. Next time Im hoping for less scum

Gas Prices

I have a small rinky dink crap car...these are fucking SUV prices
bush, gas prices, katrina, anna nicole smith


3 for .69$

Spencer/Jay - Cover Charged [release]

well I failed, Spencer and I were supposed to pick 3 songs each and cover them. I recorded one of my songs and my mic broke. I have another mic, but I like the grime sound of the mic I was using. Today was the deadline so I backed out of the project a few days ago. Well whatever, heres the one song I recorded before the mic broke.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Me: Thats a murder shack
Joel Parsons: See I don't understand this, you got nice houses, then you have murder shacks

Nephew: Happy Easter

Rotten Eve 1994

one click download

kinda grimy and gross

SSOA-The Past Tense

Super Madballs

I had the Touchdown Terror football.
I remember the point on the end would hurt if you didnt catch it right. I didnt have the other two, Foul Shot and Goal Eater

Jumpercable Practice - January 27 2008

City Never Sleeps [promo]

forgot all about this, it also has one of the last songs I wrote for the band.

Feets Of Glory [2005]

Made this 6 years ago with Art.

we made it with a Sony Cybershot, it takes really good pictures but the quality of the video is grainy and trash.

if you're interested:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sorry for lack of posts

self portrait


I do enjoy
I think that wins the "Gross Statement" award



Advantage Chang

Back in the late 80's my brother played tennis and was a Boris Becker fan. Well he got me into playing and he told me I had to pick a player to follow... I picked Michael Chang
My brother and my dad would have serious tennis wars. I would always be the pity game, so I ended up just play tennis video games and always be Chang. His story is pretty awesome

Sandcastle Cupcakes

Great job and congratulations to Katie and Jay, the place is awesome.
I went in there with Brooke and they were almost sold out of cupcakes. I walked in and Katie said that today was "Big Jay gets a free cupcake" day, It was awesome. It was also awesome cause she hooked Brooke up too. I wish I would have taken a picture of it, it was a Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, so moist, so good. I bought 2 dozen and they were officially sold out.
kinda awesome selling out on the first day! I wish them a lot of luck because the product they're producing is amazing!
The Brooke thumbs up says it all. Had a really good day today.

Dont get spooked [belated April Fools]

made this during my break on March 31st, tried to freak out co-workers
ended up freaking myself out.

I'd pay 6.99$

but I didnt

"When anyone asks where Im from, I always say New Jersey"-Spencer Dorsey

direct quote

Definitions 2010 [demo track recordings]

trying to record a 4 song demo:
4 songs

we have bass, guitar and vocals handled... we need a drummer.

These are the 4 songs we want to record, please click, download and listen. If you know anyone who plays drums and wants to help us out recording these 4 songs let me know. Looking for basic drumming nothing fancy. Its pretty much basic drumming except for the faster track. I know it sounds like shit now, but the final product is gonna be gnarly.

Remember This?

people say its something that cant be done... but Nixon made the same promise and did what he promised in Vietnam.

In January of 1973 the Paris Accords went into effect. The US agreed to withdraw all its troops from Vietnam in 60 days. Congress had stopped funding the war effort. The North Vietnamese government agreed to release all prisoners, which they never did. Free elections were to be held in Vietnam. The President of South Vietnam considered the agreement between North Vietnam and the US as a sell out. But it allowed President Nixon to save face and bring the soldiers home. By 1975, after US troops had been pulled out of South Vietnam, the ARVN (Army of the Republic of South Vietnam) collapsed and the North Vietnamese moved into Saigon, ending the war and finalizing the take over of the South by the North.

just sayin...

Zelda Fan Van

saw this van in Brigantine on friday.

Oriental Gift Mart [Shore Mall]

bought this
I talked the guy down to 150$, I think it rules. When I was leaving, I saw this desk.
I know the swastika is used as a positive symbol in China but I couldnt see anyone buying this with its positive meaning in mind.


Double Suicide Needed

Sandcastle Cupcakes [OPEN TODAY!]

910 Asbury Ave,
Ocean City, NJ

open 10am
closed 6pm

Im heading there around 2pm today.

Everyday they carry the following flavors:

Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Frosting
Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Frosting
Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Frosting
Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting
Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Lemon Cake with Vanilla Frosting
Cinnamon Spice Cake with Vanilla Frosting covered in Cinnamon Sugar

They also provide a Vegan and Gluten-Free option

Other Flavors they have are:

Key Lime Pie, Mexican Hot Chocolate,
Root beer Float, Smore, Irish Cream,
Fluffer Nutter, Caramel, Cookies and Cream,
Tiramisu, French Toast, Chocolate covered Bacon,
Champagne and Strawberries,
Pumpkin Spice, Berries and Cream, Margarita

Hope to see you there!