Wednesday, April 30, 2008

new JC shirts...first print

johns not happy with it. I think the green and golden one look like shit. It was supposed to be like yield sign yellow and dark green.. sucks

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Google Image Labeler

Google has made the most addictive game..ever. It seems lame at first, but when you keep playing you keep trying to get a higher and higher score. Its just lame sometimes you play with people who are idiots. They cant match what you write, when you write the most basic oblivious thing. try it, you'll see...

try to beat my best..
p.s. I'm "Rodeo_Dude" .... not "GUESS hot n sexy"

High rise, veins of the avenue, Bright eyes and subtle variations of blue, Everywhere is balanced there like a rainbow above you

Street lights glisten on the boulevard
And cold nights make staying alert so hard
For heaven’s sake, keep me awake so I won’t be caught off guard .

-owl city

new cd rawlz

18 Green Fog

Artie Smiths new band

*Gnar Gnotes*
-music, guitar tone, drums,vocal patterns, lyrics-
*Gnot Gnar Gnotes*
-vocals off key, bass tone-

The song itself is sickie, its catching as hell, hate to compare, but reminds me of a newer blink 182 song. The guitar tone, sounds awesome for a demo, they have different sounds, but they sound so good together. The drums are recorded perfect and the drummer plays well. New vocal pattern from artie smith, that sounds so gnar, I cant get it outta my head. Lyrics flat out, rule, straight up well written. Sucks he couldnt have busted these out for another band... cough c(ns)ough.

Both singers dont hit the notes sometimes they're supposed to hit. Which for me kills the feeling of the song. Its almost there, but the important notes need to be hit for this song to be completely hype. Take time in the studio to get those notes perfect. Bass tone sounds like an underground Oi! band demo. I mean Im not a tone nerd, but this recording is so hype it needs a hot tone.

All in all I give it a
C+ on vocals,
A+ on music/song structure/lyrics/vocal patterns


I found this thing that shows what the major searches were last year... here is what some people where searching
look at the vanessa hudgens peak in july.. LORD! nothing exciting, but neat.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Warren in grade school

1. Im bigger then my grandmom
2. Im a good tennis player
3. My favorite baseball player is Keith Hernandez
4. I play alot of sports
5. I dislike school
6. Last year was the first time I made merit role 2 times
7. My favorite sport is soccer
8. My favorite color is white
9. I enjoy collecting baseball cards
10. My favorite NFL team is Green Bay Packers

5th hole

Stop Sign knocked down, Tee markers missing on ladies tee replaced with beer bottles, porta potty knocked over, water cooler stand knocked over, superintendents name written on 4th green with silly string, Trash cans thrown and trash dumped out. See the pink thing in the lower right area of the picture, thats the cap to the silly string. Honestly bullshit.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Two Things

here is the waste bunker on 18 at the links of brigantine beach, it took me awhile, but I think the way I did it looks gnarly.Second, I just realized I paid 140$ this month on my prepaid phone. Im now honestly thinking about getting a real plan, this fucking virgin mobile is raping me like Im a drunk college girl at a frat house. So I may be heading for verizon to get a sweet gnar phone and plan.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tegan from Tegan and Sara live shots

got these off their myspace

Sara from Tegan and Sara

Sara was in a khaki king video. Its one of those rebellious kinda videos with the lights going every where when people are just walking, kinda still-shot kinda stuff. Its a meh song, meh video.

Paints Peeling

new rock band art and I are doing
the line-up might change, I guess we'll see
he wants to do keys, and we need a singer and bass player, and might need a drummer.
check it out.
Indie Rock
I got the name of the band from a Rilo Kiley song, I think its a gnar band name. I like the song we wrote alot, its basic, and the vocals are gonna make it sick. Here are some pics for the singer from An Horse and from Iron On, two really good bands. I think she has an awesome voice, and cute to boot.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jumpercable Updates

Our demo/EP is currently sitting the the hands of Kim Rosen from west west side. some bands that have mixed there are:

Fallout Boy, Hole, Run DMC, The Misfits, Hot Water Music, Lifetime, Unearth, Bad Brains, Earth Crisis, The Promise Ring, Ben Folds Five, Converge, Fleetwood Mac, Mastodon, Comeback Kid, Grand Master Flash, Maya Angelou,

:just to name a few. Souped to have this put out by Monkey Wrench records, and to have it mastered. More updates soon..

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

trying to get my schooling and my pesticide license squared away

I dont understand how Penn State has so many problems, they just told me they didnt get the fax I sent, they transfer me, and another person says they have my fax, but they didnt add it to my request for the class. So now, they tell me Im in the class or "I have a spot" but still no info on the money needed, or books, or anything.. what the hizell. While the women put me on hold I played alittle "boy and his blob" on . I finally figured out how to play this game, while on hold.. it is awesome... its hard, but awesome. when I was a kid I always hated it, cause I couldnt do anything in the game at all.. but now that I figured it out... I LOVE IT!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

someones tag

I was driving down the white horse pike, when this tag on a yellow truck caught my eye...It was also written all down the side too.

buy sell buy sell buy cell

"What do you mean, you're gonna pass. Alan, the only people making money passing are NFL quarterbacks and I don't see a number on your back."

Walked in to yell at spencer one day, and he was busy, stressing, kept putting his hands on his hips like a business man. I told him he looked like a stock dude, cold calling mother fuckers.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Polar bear attack

The dude lived after this attack. It says he was sleeping and the bear jumped through the tent on top of him. The guy woke up with the bear chomping on him, he grabbed his gun and started shooting, taking the bear out. crazy pics..

yikes.. and I repeat.. the dude lived.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

::Listen to:: you vs the sun in a shine off your cute

another local rock band that broke up that I just found that rock pretty good. The music is meh but kinda good, the vocals are on point and are what really make the songs gnarly. Check em out, sucks these dudes broke up.

one of the worse songs ever



Girl rock band from canada, not that good, but two girls in the band are really really attractive. Along the lines of The Donnas and just as rebelious, heres a video of one of their tracks, its MEH, but again, babes in the band.

dark hair guitar player, and bass player... chick-a-dees

Friday, April 18, 2008

mama mia mama mia

smaller then a dogs tears

First Off Logos

owner and CEO of first off decals co.
I found this picture in the interweb, looks like gee.. had to post it.

paul brown in europe

I remember sitting at practice and paul getting a call from Shattered Realm to go on tour and sing for them in europe. I dont even think he was 21, or he might have just turned 21, or something like that. He walked back into practice like he just saw a ghost, and he told us that they wanted him, and they needed to know by that night. We told him he had to do it, no if ans or buts. He was still working at wonderland, and he thought he'd be fired if he left. His boss told him it was an opportunity he couldnt pass up, and that he had to go. He drove up in his caddy at like 4 in the morning to get his passport the day of the flight, got his passport and he was off into the wild Europe yonder. Funny thing is his car got towed, cause he parked at like a chinese resturant or something. His girlfriend and I had to drive up to red bank, get it out of lock up, it was 600$ plus she filled up the tank and that I think was 60$. I dont think he ever paid her back... but this is a video from his first tour in Europe with Shattered nutz

Repercussion Live ( no me, no gee )

high pitch paul brown singing... weird. music sounds good, just funny, songs I wrote with shawn made as filler sound so much better played by people who know how to play. It sounds awesome.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Where the fuck are you, cant you respond to a dude when he texts you? You ok? Whats going on? Havent heard from you in alittle bit, contact a dude let him know you're breathing... nance, I'm lard-in-tack. Dr.Dre Studio... you love itlimited 20 stickers of the cd layout 4 different colors down? holla at me

contact me to see the layout

sooooooooo SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got the artwork from perry

shits sick.. when he adds the water colors, shit will be raw and sick... souped

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

aeration is over

I will be posting pictures of all the breakdowns that happened yesterday. 5 total breakdowns on the front 9, we finished at about 2:01PM. Today was crazy.. we finished the back 9 by 10:47 AM. all the times I've aerated, that is the fasted time to date. Still sick, still not eating meat... but I think I might break the meat streak, because I really want some Showboat meatballs, steak, and genral chicken... word!

Monday, April 14, 2008

AN HORSE... my new addiction

Honestly, I love this band, I did a pre-order on their first EP release, they're on a label in Australia. It was just released on the 12th of april... Im souped to get this. Best song is postcards.. its awesome. Click the link and check the track out. should be getting it very soon.. expect alot of promotion!

talking to henry today about great outdoors

and we were dieing laughing about the last dance scene.. this video is funny, its probly gonna shut down soon.. so if you cant see it, I'll take some screen shots.
so good