Friday, February 27, 2009

Repercussion [LONG]

I remember this girl I talked to everyday for 3 years, I mean everyday. She ended up hooking up with the singer from Unearth. After she told me that, I got mucho depressed and didnt talk to anyone or do anything except work and sleep.. One day out of the blue, 5 months of not talking to anyone, Paul Brown comes over. He tells me how hes been going to the race track with Shawn Gorman and they been talking about doing a band. I said "Im not 21, I cant gamble" he said "You only have to be 18 to gamble at the race track". I still have no clue if he lied or not, but we never got asked for ID. After we lost money, we drove back to Absecon where we talked about what we would name the band, I came up with Repercussion, Shawn came up with Brown Leaf, and Paul didnt have anything. We decided on Repercussion and said practice was going to be that weekend. We wrote 2 songs our first practice "Sealed with a Fist" and "Jersey Style". I was hoping to play bass in the band, considering I had a really nice bass set up, and I played for most of my teenage years. But Paul insisted I play guitar. I only knew how to do bar chords, and thats it. I had no clue how to palm mute, or tune. I took all my bass gear in and traded it in for ONE GUITAR, an LTD. Paul kept saying "You're not giving up bass, you're just giving up this bass". That week there was a show in Deptford, it was:

Them eyes kill.....babies
David Is Burning
Long Winter
A Life One Lost

XmasX ruled. Paul asked everyone at that show if they wanted to play bass in the band, everyone seemed like they interested, but they all flaked out. We ended up just asking the bass player in Shawns old band Weapon Of Choice to play. We got some songs together, and played a show with:

Shattered Realm

The show was good for a first show I guess. We got signed by Spook City Records on that show. The label told us, either put out a split 7inch with his friends band from Chicago, or wait till the summer to put out a full length. Well we really wanted something out, so we decided to do the 7inch. We recorded at a studio in Atco NJ. The engineer had to be called in, he was a pretty known guy and worked on some big projects. He told us how when he was recording Lenny Kravitz, Kravitz would do a line of coke between every take. For some reason that shocked me..
"Lenny Kravitz does drugs?!"
Anyway hes now some big producer/engineer, he recorded the Paramore Riot! Cd and also a Hawthorne Heights Cd. The two songs we recorded were not the style of music we were going for. The songs we didnt record were more old school then "tough guy". After recording we got a second guitar player Mitchell Fletcher. I remember the first thing he said
"Paul said you hated all of us, Im kinda surprised you asked me to play"
I just told him it wasnt true, and we meshed really well. Mitchell would always make sure we were ordering a Buffalo Chicken Pizza before he would come down. Shawn and I designed the 7inch cover at his house, him doing all the work, and me telling him how much it sucked and to change it. This was the final outcome
This was pre 911 too. We met with the band that was on the record in DE. They were a bunch of weirdos and didnt talk at all. Mark Stokoe and Dennis got in a fight about Zits and Falling on your back and not being able to get up. Dennis carved a huge DGC in the back of a brand new car, and Paul ran into it backing up. Before the show was going to happen we kicked out our bass player. We asked Ross Kelly if he wanted to play, and all he kept saying was " Im a guitar player". He finally broke down and joined the band as the bass player. The next show we were going to play was was going to be our "7inch release show" but we had no where to play. Dave Heck drove to this outside shack where we had a "Moshaque" and brought a Curling iron to see if it had power. It did. This show was now known as the "Illegal show". The show was

Driven by Fire
As Tradition Ends

Right when Inane got finished the cops came. Asking who set up the show. We told them we cleared it with the owner and the cops left, only to come back with the owner who denied everything. All he kept saying was "I need to be paid for this". We asked him how much it cost to rent and he said 75$. So we paid him, and he was happy. The show went on, I gave away all the test presses and rare vinyl, and everyone got mad at me. We continued to play shows, meet new people, and have alot of fun. Shawn from spook city said something about putting out a full length but then never said anything about it again. One night after shooting this interview
we went out to eat. As we were driving to the buffet, we were trying to figure out how to bring up the Full Length in conversation. I told everyone I'd take care of it. For some reason, Shawn spook city stabbed me in the leg with a fork. I said
"Speaking of stabbing people in the leg with forks, what about putting out our full length"
He said we needed to sign a contract, and discuss somethings. The next practice he came with a huge stack of papers. He actually got a lawyer to look over everything he wrote, and make it an actual contract. Shawn spook city and his wife read over the entire thing until we understood everything. Our bass player Ross said "Im not signing anything, what if I want to become a lawyer and they look back and see this contract". Spook city and his wife got really mad. Shawn Gorman got mad, said " gimme the pen" signed and stormed out like a princess not getting a car. Paul signed next, then I signed. I dont think Mitchell ever got a chance to look at it. Ross never signed though, making the contract worthless. So now we had motivation to record. We asked the guy who recorded our 7inch to help us with our full length, but he was in California recording the Ill Nino CD. He was in Cali for honestly 3 years on that CD. Well thats what he told us. We could not find a studio to record. We kept playing shows. This picture was taken outside of Dave Hecks house at like 7 in the morning. we played a show in erie, alot of fun, alot of good memories.

Shawn Gorman and the Dog Deers
We Need This For Smell Goods
Rossington Master Packer

We played a show in Boyertown with

The Killer
Dead and Buried

which was Mitchells last show. We called it "The Mosh For Mitchell". It was a good time, we played two brand new songs, and alot of people liked them. We played Erics birthday show with 4 members, and it was terrible. We ended up finding a studio locally, and it was a bad choice. Our CD sounded terrible, just ask Eric. We spent over 2,000$, and if you hear the product you would be surprised. We sent the final mixdown to spook city, and for some reason he really liked it. I was depressed about it. We started practicing, and getting ready to play shows. We needed a second guitar player so we asked Kurt Fowles if he was interested, and he joined. I think we were the tightest we've ever been when he joined. Shawn, Kurt and myself practiced two times a week, and got super tight. It was the best I ever heard shitting music sound. Then something lame happened. We were supposed to play a big fest in NYC, but at the last min, I was told we couldnt play cause I was going to be jumped at the show if I showed up. I thought it was lame, my morals were holding back the band, so I just quit. I called Eric Witte and asked if he wouldnt mind taking my place in Repercussion. He said ok. I called Paul and told him I found a replacement, he got angry and hung up. The next day at practice, I was showing Eric the songs, and every song I showed him he would say "That sucks, why dont you change it to this". Paul showed up late, walked in while I was showing him, and yelled like a mayor trying to change the drug abuse in his city. I never played the CD release show

SSOA last show

but Im glad the band did

if you read this, we both suck

Took me 7 months to clean my coffee cup at work

I have not cleaned my cup since July 08' and it was looking pretty horrible. Its not like I was putting raw chicken in my cup everyday, only coffee. Mondo coffee stains, thick layer of swiss miss chocolate crud at the bottom, but who cares. After I cleaned it, I didnt notice anything different, taste was the same. Cleaning things is over rated.Im a nasty, but not in a Janet Jackson way more like the homeless man way.

3rd World Get Bent

Im glad NJ doesnt have Bot Flys.

Dead Dog Party Hotline

Driving home yesterday I saw a women walking on the shoulder, didnt think anything of it. I was stopped at a red light and saw this huge blood mark in the middle of the road. I thought "Damn, something got fucked up". The light turned green, started driving, I look over at the women walking and shes holding a white dog that looks like this
shes holding it out in front of her by the two front paws. The top half of the dog is white, the bottom half is bright red, dripping blood. Dog had to be dead. She was walking very slow, and had a blank look on her face. I wasnt laughing when I saw her, but I was laughing when I saw this:

Making Karla lose

You already failed once, nice job doing it again for Karla. If it wasn't for you, Karla would have been the new top chef. Its how she cooks, not how you cook. Lame. Im just happy that Stefan lost. I need to go back and watch all the episodes I missed.

Dream Style

Has someone ever told you a dream, and you thought to yourself "They're making this up".
Well I had one of these wacky dreams last night. It had Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox and they were calling each other Marty and Doc.. here's what happened:

doc walks in
Michael J Fox : Doc doc
Christopher Lloyd: Marty
Michael J Fox: Whats wrong doc?
Christopher Lloyd: They didn't let me do my bass solo in Detroit Rock Citydreams mean something right? what the hell does that mean?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Listened to live SSOA today

I loved every min of it. When you download the Discography you get a written outline of each recording by Eric, Check it out:
So browsing my external hard drive I stumbled upon all these old pictures and MP3s of my previous bands. This band was a lot of fun on many different levels, and even though we accomplished very little, people still talk about us. We've moved onto different things since the demise of this band. Mike moved to DC and joined Police and Thieves. He's now a laywer or something semi important. Reed moved to NYC and makes music by pushing buttons or something like that. I listened to it once, it makes Sonic Youth sound like the Ramones, I don't get it. George (when he was around) played in some band that ended up on World's Wildest Riots or Fights or something along those lines. Surprised? No. Derm lost his cell phone battery in the bushes of my apartment one night during a party. I don't know how he did that.He's a teacher now I'm currently in Braindead. We've been writing and touring and all that fun stuff. Once in awhile Paul Brown tells me Repercussion is going to play and I responded with "Ok"

Included in this zip drive are:

Sad State of Affairs - s/t EP released 2003 on Spook City Records (Woof. What a debacle this was. No cars to get to the studio, no money to record and no support from "our lable". But it eventually came out, we broke up shortly there after and our label harrassed our drummer for alleged $80 bucks he owed while John Bowes was spotted selling SSOA cds out of the trunk of his car for Spook City at Bad Blood shows. True story.)

Sad State of Affairs - Botched Demo (This track was left off the Spook City record when we re recorded the EP, mainly because it sucked. We (and by we I mean "I") decided to go back to where we recorded our demo because it was cheap. In typical SSOA fashion we were unorganized, unmotivated and probably drunk. After we decided to mark this recording under the L column we never played it again.)

Sad State of Affairs - demo (Jay Hillegass likes this more than the EP, but what does he know, he wrote all the Repercussion songs.)

Sad State of Affairs - Live at University of Maryland (We played the radio station at UMD. It was one of our last shows, and the only recording of the newest song we had written. We played as a 4 piece at this show, as Mike had begun to move to DC for work/school and Reed had gone to NYC for school. Our friend Steve Edelson had taken over on bass. We drove the Nine Will Die van to this show, played with some awful metalcore bands and then went to Taco Bell after the show.)

Enjoy it for what it's worth ~Eric

link to download

dead reppin'

Alton Brown = Dennis Miller

I now know why I hate Alton Brown. He loves to hear himself talk, and talk, and talk. The useless information he says about food is like listening to Dennis Miller talk about football. When Miller was on monday night football and a Hail Mary was incomplete, he would say "Hail Mary is denied -- separation of church and state". Not one time, every time. They both spit out a bunch of bullshit before they actually get to their point. Both annoying, both I hate

Pets Are Feet Soliciting

Monday, February 23, 2009

Punk Rock Frank Zine

This guy would come to shows with a TalkBoy and record local bands sets. He would not shut up about a band called Bratmobile. He told everyone he possibly could about how many times he saw them. Annoying. Well he ended starting a zine, and it was horrible. He hated hardcore bands, and called everyone and anyone who wasnt a fellow punk rawk brother a skinhead. He started this zine, and its so embarrassing. Just look at the cover. Spencer had this copy and he left it in my car. His zine consisted of articles from other magazines photocopied and just placed on graph paper. Real winner this guy was. He also started a band with a 45 year guy who ended up "dating" his own 14 year old niece, who played bass in the band. I just remember the 45 year old guy getting beat up really bad at a deleratos show because he punched his girlfriend/niece in the face. I remember him stumbling into the white horse pike and almost getting hit by a car. Anyway.. end

Egg Cooker

I bought it and brought it to work. It can cook 7 eggs, and they taste awesome. Its nice to have this at work, so I dont have to cook them at home, then bring them to work. I can just cook them in the break room in the morning, and eat them through out the week. I've had no problems with it, but you have to remember:

1. Pierce the Egg
2. Put the water in first. If you get the eggs wet before cooking, they break open while cooking.

The alarm to let you know when they're done is loud, like a washing machine buzzer. You get perfect hard boiled/soft boiled eggs everytime. good deal!

lame post. but this thing rules

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mother Daughter Convo

Mother: Honey, want to help me with dinner?
daughter in other room watching tv, rolls eyes, takes a heavy breath
Daughter: Mom
Mother: What?
Mother: Megan.
Daughter: Whaat?
Mother: Please
Daughter: Why?
Mother: Cause I asked you
daughter gets up, turns off TV, picks up Ipod
Mother: No Ipod
under her breath
Daughter: God
Mother: What was that?
Daughter: I said gosh
walks in stands near the counter
Daughter: Well?
Mother: I guess start mashing the potatos
Daughter: Kenya hand me the masher...
mother reaches for potato masher sitting near the stove
Daughter: its in Africa.
Mother: What is dear?
Daughter: Kenya
Mother: Can I what?
daughter rolls eyes
Daughter: Nothing

how Im feelin

Things I forgot I had in my Photobucket

that night we tried making stand-up comedy acts, and horrible songs.. it was alot of fun.alot of dead fish used to wash up on the shore in Brigantine NJ, this was taken pre-guitar hero.

"Oh shit, Mark Stokoe, out of control" haha this video is embarrassing, what a lame-o I was. Best part is derm hitting eric with the mic at the start.
thought it was funny.Its called the Zeus. We drove 1 hr and 45 mins to the Clinton Station Diner to eat it, and we didnt even put a dent in it. When we got there, they said they didnt have any buns for the burger. The waitress told the manager our story of driving from AC, and he went back and talked to the cook. He came back and said 2 rolls were exceptable for the 2 lb Hercules, and only one was serveable for the Zeus. We kept asking ourselves, what qualifies it to be serveable? We think he picked mold spots off the bun. The bun sucked, but the burger was kinda good. I ended up throwing out the rest of it. They have another burger there called Mt. Olympus50lbs.. yikes.

City Never Sleeps chill video. We never released this song, we had 4 tracks we never recorded and they were probably the best songs we wrote.

Sarah Valdez

Sarah Valdez Vimeo
Sarah Valdez Blog

I really enjoy the way she writes a lot (alot).

Thoughts and Struggles:
I need to take a shower.

Even my own brain can't catch up with my routine that is so scattered and messed up.
My room is a mess, my clothes are dirt and everything else matters,
but so does the sparkle in the work that I love.

-Sarah Valdez


With some research and some help, I got my books onto the Kindle site. Im selling them for super cheap, one book for 2$ and the other for .99$. But I think Im going to make them both .99$. If anyone is interested in uploading written work to the Kindle site, contact me at I think im going to try to do 90s!Kids Books. Contact me if interested in putting a book out on 90s!Kids, what I'll do is put the book out using cafepress, but also upload it to the kindle site. I'll press 100 books, and a 50$ signing bonus. HIT ME UP

CAVES: online book

by Mattew Simmons

I read about this on the BlueLight blog in my followed blogs list. It had some good points, but the rest was just annoying. Its hard to get into because of the way he writes. I usually enjoy writers who have that descriptive way of writing, but he missed the mark. It was like he was trying to hard to seem like he didnt care, it didnt seem natural. You be the judge. 6/10


if you didnt see it, here it is.

Ellen Kennedy Pre-order Updates

buy here

Ellen Kennedy Blog
check her blog for info on her book, and a 'surprise package'. its 12$, dont be lame and buy it

First Off Decal

Fine Shine done by Shawn at First Off Decal

Ride home yesterday

thought this pic looked kinda cool
Im seriously thinking about getting tickets to see Sinbad. Is anyone interested? I mean his act has to be horrible, but I think I'd laugh at how bad it was. Get back to me if you want go. I hope he talks about behind the scenes craziness on his hit movies.

Friday, February 20, 2009


comment on what you downloaded!

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15 mins till ITUNES


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2 Click Redeem
3 Enter Code
4 Download whatever you want Jerkz

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Obama yo Mama

major mess up at the plant on this Obama hoodie. Looks like the white screen was to small for the color screen. Plus looks like the hoodie wasnt flat or lined up when they pressed the color ink screen. Meh I bought it for 1$. Thank you for failing

Holiday roadtrip soundtrack

Whenever there's a holiday, we head up to my aunts house. Usually we all hop in one car and drive together. My ma has a tape player in her car, and thats the car we normally take. Last year I bought the Micheal J Fox book on tape "Lucky Man", and it really made the drive fly by, plus it ruled. Cant wait till Easter to hear these hot boombastic books on tape.

seamus 10:31 pm

seamus: yea we're in borders reading spell books
me: are you a wiccan?
seamus: what?
me: are you a warlock?
seamus: Im a bad ass

Atlantic City Race Course

I bet on a horse called "My Little Dickiebird" and it won with 20 to 1 odds. It just goes to show, odds dont mean shit... its all about the name of the horse

Demo Idea

Jealous? It cost me 10$ and it works. I think its pretty righteous, even though I suck at playing. I have an idea for writing a demo. I was thinking of buying cheap/shitty mini voice recorders like this one I found on ebay for $.99. or maybe even answering machines that take the mini tapes write 5 songs with the organ, maybe get some help with art/spencer/seamus/colin/whoever on drums or guitar or bass or piano, I'll sing while I play, and sell the recorder/answering machine for 5$ to 10$ with the tape in it. All I have to do is find a machine that can copy mini tape to mini tape. I think it would be a gnar idea. I've found some recorders like that for $.49 at the berlin market but I didnt buy them. We'll see I guess.

There is a sad muscle bound citizen out there somewhere

Who would have this many muscle men trophies? I dont think its a trophy shop getting rid of its overstock of buff trophies, all the engraving plaques are ripped off, so they must have been won by someone. If you're looking to impress someone, go buy one, and put your name on it. Hammonton Goodwill on the White Horse Pike.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Itunes Gift Card Giveaway [This Friday Feb 20th]

Download Music/Movies/TV Shows/Music Videos
Scheduled for 9:15Pm

B(ite)ow Wow

Sorry my posts suck, Im tired, and kinda out of the posting game right now. I have nothing funny or interesting to say.

Duck Angels

Ba with the Ba

I seriously think this looks like the one, the only, the American bad ass, kid rock. I think its funny it says " Like Ones Seen on TV" not "As Seen On TV". People must really enjoy these things, I think there were only 3 or 4 left. Bonkers!