Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Boot Militia Cat/Blunt Master Cat

this cat is 6 weeks old, and is a menace to south central while drinking your juice in the hood. A kid at work brought him in to help with killing of mice and rats. Hes an outside cat, and a Russian breed so he was raised outside since he was a kitten in cold weather. This cat was raised in a cat cage its whole life, never able to run free. Well the kid popped the top off the cat cage and the cat ran and jumped like jackie joyner kersee. It ran into the shop, and into the mechanics office. We shut the door so it wouldn't run back outside. I put on my winter gloves and tried to pick it up, not thinking that it had ZERO human contact outside of feedings and cage cleanings. Well I picked it up with two hands, trying to hold it out in front of me. It kept turning and tyring to get free. It started hissing and biting my glove. Then it started clawing and biting. Then it clawed and bit my arm.
fuck. Rabies? We finally got a box, and got it in there, and put it in the home we made for it. It had nice warm pillows, and a sweet Nautica hoodie I found on the course. We couldn't decide on a name so we just called it BMC after the name of the farm it came from. I said it stood for Boot Militia Cat, and the other kid called it Blunt Master Cat.. I hope it kills a lot of mice and rats.. the end.

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