Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mother Daughter Convo

Mother: Honey, want to help me with dinner?
daughter in other room watching tv, rolls eyes, takes a heavy breath
Daughter: Mom
Mother: What?
Mother: Megan.
Daughter: Whaat?
Mother: Please
Daughter: Why?
Mother: Cause I asked you
daughter gets up, turns off TV, picks up Ipod
Mother: No Ipod
under her breath
Daughter: God
Mother: What was that?
Daughter: I said gosh
walks in stands near the counter
Daughter: Well?
Mother: I guess start mashing the potatos
Daughter: Kenya hand me the masher...
mother reaches for potato masher sitting near the stove
Daughter: its in Africa.
Mother: What is dear?
Daughter: Kenya
Mother: Can I what?
daughter rolls eyes
Daughter: Nothing

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