Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Meth Meth

I found this old myspace I made making fun of Jodi Sweetin. She played Stephanie "How Rude" Tanner on Full house. When I found out she started doing meth I thought it would be funny to make silly whacky nutty pictures about her. Some are not funny at all, some might kinda make you chuckle, some might anger you cause they're so stupid and not funny, but just check them out.
the crazy thing is, 2 days after I made this myspace, I got a message from (I guess) the real Jodi Sweetin. Saying how people make mistakes, how could I judge her when I didnt even know her and how Im such a horrible person. I wrote back and asked if she wanted me to take it down. Got no response. Could it have been her? I submit that it was. Jealous? if so... How rude

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mike said...

That page was great.