Monday, February 23, 2009

Punk Rock Frank Zine

This guy would come to shows with a TalkBoy and record local bands sets. He would not shut up about a band called Bratmobile. He told everyone he possibly could about how many times he saw them. Annoying. Well he ended starting a zine, and it was horrible. He hated hardcore bands, and called everyone and anyone who wasnt a fellow punk rawk brother a skinhead. He started this zine, and its so embarrassing. Just look at the cover. Spencer had this copy and he left it in my car. His zine consisted of articles from other magazines photocopied and just placed on graph paper. Real winner this guy was. He also started a band with a 45 year guy who ended up "dating" his own 14 year old niece, who played bass in the band. I just remember the 45 year old guy getting beat up really bad at a deleratos show because he punched his girlfriend/niece in the face. I remember him stumbling into the white horse pike and almost getting hit by a car. Anyway.. end

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Gee said...

never EVER heard this guy speak. I thought he was retarded.