Thursday, February 5, 2009

dwarfs/little people

this post is about actors who are dwarfs, not normal everyday people who are little people.

"To be born a little person is to be born an actor"

Thats what it seems like to me. These people are born little people, and because they are little people they feel they can act or be in movies. I say no. I would rather see a movie with no little people than a movie with horrible acting little people. I really hate the comic relief little person or a "random" little person. A little person that doesnt belong in the movie, and is just in there to laugh at. A movie with little people, is like a movie with a monkey in it. Why are the monkeys in the movie? For a laugh and to shock the viewer. Take the monkeys out, replace them with a little person, and its the same exact movie. Its sad to say, but its true. There are some little people who do a great job acting, and arent just in a movie because they're short. Warwick Davis for examplehes a good actor, and I enjoy him in movies. Willow and Leprechaun fucking ruled. But its the other little people I dislike. Every and any little person who appeared on the Seinfeld episode when Micky lifts, should be shot. Horrible acting, over acting, and horrible timing. Does it matter? No. They're on the show cause they're little people, not for talent. Every little person has the same problem, they try to act natural, but they always over act, know why? CAUSE THEY'RE NOT ACTORS! THEY'RE PROPS. I hate Vern Troyer the most. Hes known for being Mini Me in Austin Powers... he has the nerve to get angry when people call him that. If I was in a movie for being a fat tall guy, and my name in the movie was Fatty Tally Guy ..I would deal with it, because Im not acting in that movie, I was asked to be in the movie as a Prop pretty much. He needs to end his life, or realize that being that height is a novelty, hes not asked to be in movies for his brilliant timing, or his stellar acting. He will always play as a little person in a movie, never a staring role as the hunk whos in a motorcycle gang. I've never seen a bridget the midget video.

i need to relax


HeatherFe said...

The only time I liked that Vern was when he was drunk and pissed in a corner while nude on his motorized chair.

Now where is your top chef blog? I cannnot fucking believe the stoner twins are still on the show. I yam angry.

Jay said...

I didnt get to watch it yet.. Im so angry my girl is gone. I will post about it as soon as I see the episode, sorry Im slacking.