Monday, February 16, 2009

Why Im a Loser [Big Week Vacation Wrap Up Post]

First post back, this post is going to SUCK. Who takes a vacation to sit at home, sleep late, and watch tv? I guess me. Loser. I didn't do anything. My highlight was waking up at 7 and watching "Third Watch".
It used to be on later, but now its only one episode on at 7am on A&E. It still rules though. First day of Vaycay, I went to BJs to get food, so I wouldnt have to waste money all week eating out. When I was leaving I saw this in the parking lot.wasnt sure what it was so I got a better picture.Uneaten pancakes in the snow. No, I didnt eat them, just thought they looked lonely. You know you have a problem when you think pancakes have feelings. I was parked next to a high class car, the ones with the sweet numbers on the side to lock/unlock the doors. If you didnt know, theres a little secret, if you hit the last to numbers at the same time, the doors lock. if you want to be cool, just walk up, hit the two buttons, and welcome to lock down central. The last day of work we ended up cleaning out a seed shed filled with spiders, mice and rats.
every bag of seed had an eaten hole in it with multiple rat droppings. Mad Yuck. It was horrible, the stench of rat urine, turd, and rotting seed filled my lungs. The spiders in there were huge, they weren't little new jack spiders, these honkies were large and in charge of DIY shows. We saw about 15 of these, who knows how many we didnt see. I went to the movies with my bro and saw Paul Blart. horribleThe movie sucked, they tried to jazz it up getting Mike Vallely, Jason Ellis, and Rick Thorne. I guess thinking "lets get skater biker dudes to make it more rebellious". Didnt work. I also went to the Berlin Farmers Market, to try and find some hot gnar deals. Well heres what I didnt buy. Submitted for the approval of the midnight society I did not buy the game.Im kind of wondering, how the hell you play this. If anything it would have to be a trivia game I guess. Tapes are making a come back!!I dont think so, 14.99$ for Elvira Presents Haunted Hits on CASSETTE. There were a bunch of high priced tapes, and I dont understand why. I understand the novelty in wanting records, and even sometimes paying 20$ for a record you really want. But I dont think I'll ever see the need to buy a CASSETTE for over 2$. Elvira...sorry. Body and soul, Im a freak, Im a freakdamn right I am for silverchairs display for their album Freak Show. I didnt know Capt Kurk was so raunchy Kurk looks like hes getting nasty with a moon princess from vector 9. Found this hot item toothe hand model choose to do a fist, instead of an open hand. Im guessing he was thinking " look at the power of this fucking spike bracelet.... look at it!" So I guess thats it, those are pretty much the highlights of my vacation. I was going to split these all up in different posts, but I dont feel like stay at work till 5:30 again. GETBENTROYALLY


steve said...

raul sold me that spiked bracelet..except the hand on the box was giving me the finger..we should go there again on saturday....seriously

Gee said...

welcome back.