Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Listened to live SSOA today

I loved every min of it. When you download the Discography you get a written outline of each recording by Eric, Check it out:
So browsing my external hard drive I stumbled upon all these old pictures and MP3s of my previous bands. This band was a lot of fun on many different levels, and even though we accomplished very little, people still talk about us. We've moved onto different things since the demise of this band. Mike moved to DC and joined Police and Thieves. He's now a laywer or something semi important. Reed moved to NYC and makes music by pushing buttons or something like that. I listened to it once, it makes Sonic Youth sound like the Ramones, I don't get it. George (when he was around) played in some band that ended up on World's Wildest Riots or Fights or something along those lines. Surprised? No. Derm lost his cell phone battery in the bushes of my apartment one night during a party. I don't know how he did that.He's a teacher now I'm currently in Braindead. We've been writing and touring and all that fun stuff. Once in awhile Paul Brown tells me Repercussion is going to play and I responded with "Ok"

Included in this zip drive are:

Sad State of Affairs - s/t EP released 2003 on Spook City Records (Woof. What a debacle this was. No cars to get to the studio, no money to record and no support from "our lable". But it eventually came out, we broke up shortly there after and our label harrassed our drummer for alleged $80 bucks he owed while John Bowes was spotted selling SSOA cds out of the trunk of his car for Spook City at Bad Blood shows. True story.)

Sad State of Affairs - Botched Demo (This track was left off the Spook City record when we re recorded the EP, mainly because it sucked. We (and by we I mean "I") decided to go back to where we recorded our demo because it was cheap. In typical SSOA fashion we were unorganized, unmotivated and probably drunk. After we decided to mark this recording under the L column we never played it again.)

Sad State of Affairs - demo (Jay Hillegass likes this more than the EP, but what does he know, he wrote all the Repercussion songs.)

Sad State of Affairs - Live at University of Maryland (We played the radio station at UMD. It was one of our last shows, and the only recording of the newest song we had written. We played as a 4 piece at this show, as Mike had begun to move to DC for work/school and Reed had gone to NYC for school. Our friend Steve Edelson had taken over on bass. We drove the Nine Will Die van to this show, played with some awful metalcore bands and then went to Taco Bell after the show.)

Enjoy it for what it's worth ~Eric

link to download

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