Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Debbie Gibson

I was trying to find a video I saw awhile ago of Debbie Gibson on stage singing with the Circle Jerks.. Couldnt find the video. So I checked around and all I good find for some proof was this paragraph off their wikipedia.

From Wikipedia:

"I Wanna Destroy You", features backing vocals from pop singer/songwriter Deborah Gibson, who had just wrapped up a solo album with the same producer the Circle Jerks were using. Gibson later made a surprise appearance at the Circle Jerks' performance at punk mecca CBGBs to perform "I Wanna Destroy You" with the band. Despite such media attention, the group suddenly imploded three weeks into a tour behind the album. The breakup would not be totally permanent, but Clark left music for good afterward.
you can hear her in the backround with the "ooohs and aahhhs"... suck

I hear Tiffany is singing on the new Hatebreed...... E.

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Nicole said...

Yeah, she was in the video wearing a flannel shirt, as I remember...