Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vegan Pasta and Meat Sauce

Hung out with Spencer, Jordan and Joel on Saturday night. We watched the Tegan and Sara movie "Its not fun, Dont do it". Spencers girlfriend Jordan is a vegan, and she makes crazy amazin vegan food, Spencer is an EBV (Elaine Bennis Vegetarian) and says hes a vegetarian but eats seafood. Well she made this pasta and "meat" sauce, that tasted better than any Italian food I've had in a really long time. It tasted like authentic Grandma Gambini's pasta and meat sauce I couldnt believe it wasnt meat. I asked her if it was vegan and she said "It would have been if I didnt put cheese in it". I can see how easy it is to eat vegan if you know how to cook like that. Im still shocked about how good it was. My fav meal is Spaghett and Meataball, and her vegan rendition is honestly the best tasting I've had... ever. Mad Yum


Fished My Wish said...

im pretty sure she's a vegetarian not a vegan.

Jay said...

oh snap, didnt know, my bad ot