Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Sia - Some people have real problems
Placebo - Extended Play '07 [Ep]
French Connection
Tim and Eric Season 1
Alien/Invasion of the body snatchers/Lifeforce
DS charger

Kinda surprised I found the Placebo CD at Circuit City. They're having a blowout sale, Hamilton Commons Circuit City. If you search, you can find some kinda gnarly things. Always get emails from Amazon.com to check out bands that "sound like" Tegan and Sara and Rilo Kiley. They always send me that same band... Sia. I saw it at Circuit City and bought, didnt listen to it yet. DS charger is for my nephew, they usually go for 10 bucks used, I got this one for 4 bucks. Wheeling and Dealing!!!!

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