Friday, March 13, 2009

Book idea

Im thinking of writing a fiction book/novel.
I want to write it about a girl with one arm
her brother always stuck up for her
He joins the military
The dad is into movie memorabilia
Mother died in NY
Girl misses brother
She starts high school
people make fun of her, and ask her if shes going to join the military
"You're An Army Of One"
she gets her books for her classes.
In one of her books there are poems, pictures, and stories drawn on most of the pages.
one poem is crossed out, it reads
"I was looking for a gift at the bottom of the ocean
I swam up so quick I got the bends
I gave you the gift and said I loved you
and realized I was into dying trends"
even though it was lame, the poem made her smile
She looks at all the names of the people who had the book before her
and wonders what person wrote these poems/story's/pictures in the book
she looks online for authors
none found
Local News
Man dies in a house fire
the mans name is from her book
he was known by friends to be a writer of poems storys and pictures
all his work is destroyed in the flames
she spends time rewriting all the poems/story's in the book
she becomes famous
she hates being famous
she hates people looking past her arm, and making believe all is normal
well its not normal
she says
Im missing a fucking arm, dont you assholes see that
they avert their eyes and change the subject
she hates not being the outcast anymore
she hates fake people praising her and using her
she kills her self on Bing Crosby's grave because she thought he wrote "singing in the rain"
Gene Kelly's ghost tap dances and breaks his leg
The brother comes back from Iraq
and starts a AC/DC cover band
TNT is dedicated to his sister
they still play at the bar down the street


Anonymous said...

should have been a def leppard cover band


I liked the short story version, real talk.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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