Sunday, February 19, 2012

Atlantic City Trip/ Cape May Zoo [Nephew]

Went to Ripley's and walked the boardwalk.
genuinely freaked
amazed and joyed at "Its Sugar..."
I seriously hate this game, but he loves it, pretty righteous hoodie for a 9 year old.
Cape may zoo, depressing yet fun.
tough facehad a gnar time


Anonymous said...

It's sad you diss on Sladen Dead because he hates Call of Duty too. Actual quote: "Call of Duty is a piece of over rated shit, and only made to indoctrinate and desencitise the children so they'd be prepared for WW3. And the game designers admit it themselves."

Kimberly Interval said...

Hello Jay,
I'm the photo editor for Interval World North America magazine and we are running an article on Atlantic City with a feature on Cape May. I would like to run one of your photos with your nephew at the zoo. Please contact me if you would grant permission. Thank you,
Kimberly DeWees
Photo Editor, Creative Services
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Interval International
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