Saturday, February 25, 2012


almost a dozen... almost.. did not buy
I dont understand the need to single yourself out as gay and have your own Olympics. Why cant these contestants just compete in the normal Olympics? In a time with equal rights for gay marriage, the abolishment of "dont ask dont tell", why have this competiton to say you're different. After fighting to be excepted as "equal", why segregate yourself? I have no problem with people who are gay but I have a problem with this event. Ellen Degeneres has her own talk show but its not called the "gay talk show" because shes a lesbian. Does anything I'm saying make sense? Seriously who fucking cares... did not buyhell yea... purchaseI just want to say how shocked I am to have found this VHS at Goodwill. Even more surprised to find this VHS with the 3-D glasses. Souped on this purchase..big time

This is cool, I remember watching the commercials as a kid and I remember the cartoon too. bought

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