Sunday, February 19, 2012

LA Video [Pleasantville,NJ]

There werent many places in our area to rent video games in the late 80s early 90s. Before Blockbuster and West Coast Video there was only Absecon Video. I mean you could rent movies at Starns but no video games [eventually they started to rent games]. Well there was a store that opened called LA Video that rented games and movies. So we got a membership and began renting. It wasnt in a bad area of Pleasantville so we never worried about anything. There was a girl that worked the counter, she was in her early 20s, very attractive and really nice to us. She always made small talk when we rented. One day we went there and there was a guy working. We picked out a game and went to the counter. There was a collection jar with a picture of the girl. We asked what happened.. The guy said " Shes alright, the store was robbed and she was shot a few days ago". Our minds were blown. The remaining money we had we put in the jar. When we came to return the game the girl was actually there. She had a sling and was doing everything with one hand. We didnt ask her what happened, we just told her we were happy she was back and that we donated money. She said something like "You're so sweet, Ill be fine". Well about a week later my moms reading the paper and sees " Women killed in robbery at LA Video". We never went back after that...

for some reason I was thinking about her today.

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