Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jay and Seamus-Stop Puttin Words In My Mouth [EP]

Stop Puttin Words In My Mouth [EP]
1. Seamus- The Faster You Go (Jay)
2. Seamus- ABC Gum (Jay)
3. Seamus- Jumped (Jay)
4. Seamus- N/A
5. Jay- Stick (Seamus)
6. Jay- TV (Seamus)
7. Jay- Cartoon Wolf (Seamus)
8. Jay- I Rained I Poured (Seamus)

This is another project I was apart of. These were the rules for the release:

1. Write 4 songs
2. Under 1 min
3. Have to use the other persons lyrics/words/poetry/storys

Well this was supposed to be released in January but Seamus only did 3 songs. I hate to be a jerk, but I just want it to be released.

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god i hate my voice