Thursday, November 17, 2011

Berlin Hang Sesh

I met Spencer and Colleen at berlin around 12pm. We did the normal walk around. Spencer got a lot of gnar stuff. I got this picture for 2$.
after the berlin strut, we went to Tejas Grill in Stratford.
food was really good. Colleen went up to visit her dad and Spencer drove down with me towards Absecon to hang with Brett. We stopped at the Goodwill in Hamonton and found all these Lexington down CDs. Spencer was friends with one of the guys in the band and texted him the pile of unsold merch we found.
Spencer bought two hats for a dollar and gave me one.
Ended the night at Bretts playing games and watching the Jamie Kennedy Experience.
good times honestly

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HeatherFe said...

Oooh picture 1 is spookie dookie! Obviously a teen psycho mom. Deep in the woods she drowned her 3 year old twins Helen and Harvey. Then she spent years waiting tables at truck stops and drinking shirley temples. 11 years later she found a new husband, a quiet small town sheriff, and had a son. Strapped the baby in his shiny new car seat and drove off a cliff. I'm supposed to be in bed this is why I can't sleep.