Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rectum Schnitzum

1997 my sophomore year of high school, I was just getting into the "local punk rock scene". The first show I saw was Rectum Schnitzum, Cnile Youth, The Piss Shivers and Tres Kids in EHT. I was supposed to go with a friend but he backed out last min. A girl I knew in school also asked me to go, I couldnt back out and be a jerk so I went. Wearing Timberlands, and a Scream 2 shirt I showed up to the show. Didnt know anyone, untill I saw the girl from school. She was friends with everyone from the area and she knew most of the people there. So spending time with her at the show was few and far between. I thought it was awesome seeing all these people at a local show that were in the same music I was into. That night was also the first time I met a good long time friend Brett. He was there with his cousin who wouldnt shut the fuck up about van halen. It was weird seeing him there, but it was also cool, because we had a mutual friend, and thats what got us talking. The show I remember being awesome, I also remember being a little worried when I saw all these kids spitting on some other kids back and he had no idea.

everything I bought that night

Rectum Schnitzum Shirt
Piss Shivers Hepped Up on GoofballsCD
Striped Basstards - Lessons Learned - 7" EP
Splurge - exit/stretch - 7" EP
Ifarm So My Kid's Won't Have To CD

But ever since I saw them play, I went to every single show after that. Another good show was

Rectum Schnitzum
MK Ultra Violence -didnt show-
The Boils -didnt show-
Red White and Blue
No Authority

At some kids house in EHT



HeatherFe said...

Was it a kid with buzzed blonde hair in a backyard show at a big white house? If so, I spit on him because he was a fucking asshole to Kim. Disgusting, but necessary.

Anonymous said...

I heard Rectum was getting back together...in Venice Beach