Friday, August 8, 2008

talking with reed (BANDS)

Reed and I were talking last night, and he brought up some old joke bands I was in. I was just thinking about how many bands I was actually in. the one he and I did together has to be one of the most fun, Surfing for Society. heres a list of some bands I did

Chain Reaction (CJ Smith, Mike Stuart, Chris Ross)
Traveling Monks (dominic calabrese)
Faster then the fastest boy (tara civitarese)
Blue Jelly Beans ( john hill, alec kelly)
Finger Karate (pat sheran, jeff gasbarro)
Cellar Dwellars (pat sheran, jeff gasbarro, ike kitabyushi)
The Numbskulls (brett kaplan, joel parsons, dan mccarthy, fred lott)
John Luceys Revenge (me)
Boot Militia (adam gonsalves, dan mccarthy, steve shekelton)
Toma-cock ( art howard, brett kaplan)
Face Without Fear (james allen, art howard, brett kaplan)
Beg for your life (matt leek, art howard, brett kaplan)
Fist full of shit (matt leek, art howard, brett kaplan)
The Back Seat NJ (shawn gorman)
The L (shawn gorman, steve gorman)
Tuff Luck (paul brown)
Bradlees (art howard sometimes)
Muscle Bound Citizen (me crazy)
Repercussion (paul brown, ross kelly, mitchell fletcher, shawn gorman)
Sheer Disrespect (shawn gorman)
Gyro Brothers (paul brown)
Jace Ponn Solo career (brett kaplan, art howard sometimes)
Frankenstein Mosh (me)
Triple Zero (carol oneil brett kaplan LATER spencer dorsey took my spot)
Rosa Parks and the Back of the Bus Trio (me)
Surfing For Society (reed rosenberg guitar, borna sammak watching, shawn gorman hitting record)
Abigail Crush ( jay foursland, steve sheckelton)
Jumpercable ( art howard, spencer dorsey, mike blee)
City Never Sleeps (artie smith, art howard, shawn gorman, spencer dorsey)
Abortion Clinic Dumpster Overload (art howard, spencer dorsey sometimes)
Paints Peeling (art howard)

thats all I can think of right now, but all those bands recorded at least one original song. I think there might be a few more.. not sure though.

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