Saturday, August 23, 2008

Only american I respect in the olympics

Lolo Jones is the only American Olympian I respect. Not just because she has an awesome name, but because she takes credit for what happened. Forget about Phelps.. seriously. This girl was a favorite to win the 100 meter hurdles. But when she lost, she didnt blame it on anything or anyone, but herself. She congratulated the other runners, and said they deserved it, then said

" its the hurdles, its not the hundred, they put the hurdles there for a reason, you have to get over them, if you cant get over them, you're not meant to be the champion"
I was watching another race, where a runner from the US stopped running with all she had towards the end because she was in the lead, then blames it on a cramp that never happened. She lost, then claims that when she was near the finish she had a terrible cramp, and she was saying "it hurt so bad and I was saying please not now, please not now" when they did the replay.. there was no sign of any pain. So lame. Lolo Jones is awesome

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