Friday, August 29, 2008

Story behind ACDO ( Abortion Clinic Dumpster Overload )

let me say first off that Im not satanic, or saytonic. It all started when I found out how to make a palm muting sound with Fruity Loops. This is how you get the sick ACDO guitar tone.

Open Plugin Presets
FL Slayer
DIST Dire Straits
then click two octaves down on the Piano for the palm mute.
For the slow ACDO sound slow the speed down to 80.

I was trying to think of something like ACDC, but I said overload instead of something that starts with a C and I liked it better. The first song I wrote (maggot meat pile) was a practice to show brett and chris born how to do it. I was working as a trash dude for Day reporting, riding on the back of a dump truck and let me just tell you, those lyrics speak volumes... the smell of trash cans did haunt my nose. I was trying to be as extreme as possible with the lyrics like " napalm the church and use bibles as baseballs we are the extreme nasties". One line though honestly made me feel awful. "Scarred arms of the holy, tell the stories of satans glory" really freaked me out when I said it. It seemed to Demonic. Then when I was on house arrest I just kept writing more and more songs to pass the time. Sleeping Wolves Dream Of Hell was the next song I made, it wasnt to Zany, but still demonic. Favorite lines in that song are "Puncture eyes with horrible things like a rabbit being stepped on by a lumberjack" and " disgusting things are disturbing my mind, thinking of scary places that the skeletons will never find". Pretty much all the songs are freestyle, I wrote down a few things, but the weirdo lines came from my brain on the spot. "Demon Children" and "Satan's Parties Rule" are my two favorite songs I think. They're the original kinda comedy demonic stuff, Art and Spencer also guest sing on them. I dont know if anyone is interested in buying the CD or buying a shirt or a hoodie.. but if you are go HERE!

when I got off house arrest art and I made this video. It took two days to do, I had a super small memory card for my digital camera, so we did all the drums one day, then all the guitar the next day. I really really think it is righteous. We shot the video in our real bands practice area, just cause it seemed like a crazy place to do it. The masks I bought from 711, and some how they were the best masks for ACDO, just straight up creepy. I would like to make more videos, but I dont know if this thing still has its comedy/enjoyable power. I just found out ACDO was on a COMP in England too.. what!?Honestly didnt know I was on this. I wont post every track (there are over 107)

26. paedophilescoutmaster 27. Brutal Nekkro Sex 28. Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck 29. GRINDER MAFIA 30. The Smile Adventure 31. Gruuthaagy 32. Electrocutionerdz 33. Abortion Clinic Dumpster Overload 34. 50 Ways To Kill Me 35. Bayi 36. Gunerook 37. Afterbirth of a Lesbian Finger Fuck 38. The Popples And The Puppy

Pretty cool we're early on the comp, trying to get a copy so I have one.. I dont know if this post even makes sense.. but thats the story

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best comp name ever. digital brainfuck. wow 10 out of 10