Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Main Leak

ok yesterday morning first thing there was water shooting through the cartpath. I just thought it was another lame leak, untill the boss calls and says " Jay I think it might be a main". I was like nah.. Well after sledging a huge hole in the carthpath, I found outit was a main line. NEAT. So I drove back to the shop and grabbed the case to get more of the cartpath up. Well the case has a lever that sticks.. and I ended up tearing up more of the cartpath then I wanted.. but meh.
We then took some old fixing couplers (that looked like they were used and abused) and put them onto the pipe. Took almost all day to get everything into place.
turned the water on and...
lets just say we got ruined! took a sledge to the shitty coupler, and kept the water off all night.. Called all these places to get a new fix coupler. So Today we went medieval on its ass. Got the coupler, again.. spent all day setting it up. Heres the final.

lord.. hope it never happens again.

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