Sunday, August 24, 2008


Simple, Catchy, and Amazing. I love their music, its not to predicable, but you can feel where its going to go next. You think in your head -This song would be awesome if they did this- and they end up doing it, but better. These dudes played in other bands that had some hype on them, but this band, and this release I feel blows away many many new release that are out now on big main stream labels. I guess I can compare the music to piebaldish mixed with get up kidsish and cartel. Vocals remind me of hot water music but with more catchy hooks, and not so much screaming. The two songs on the Gennero myspace are straight up catchy and addicting. My favorite song I have to say is "you vs me" that was on their demo. I hope they put it on this new EP. Its simple, preorder this, its 5 bucks... what the fuck.. get it! Check their new tracks on their myspace.. if you want to hear "you vs me" check their centerfuse page.


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