Sunday, August 24, 2008

Porkys Point BBQ

Brett, Heather, Gee-town, and myself drove to Elwood to get some of the best Ribs in NJ. Seriously the ribs are out of control good. The platters they make have alot of food in them, Rice, Beans Potatos and Pork for just 10$.. DEAL! We also got pulled pork sandwiches, they loved em, I didnt like them that much. If you get a chance to check out porkys get the Pork Ribs, with no sauce, with a side of rice beans and potato. Ask for some regular sauce on the side, to dump over the rice.. makes them taste yumgnar. Porky filled me in on how he does it, hes only open 3 days a week, he buys the meat on Monday, marinates the meat until Friday and is only open those three days. smart man, amazing bbq


First Off Decal Co. said...

pulled pork was really good. i liked it.

Farbler said...

"Matos, a longtime restaurant owner in Hammonton, has a restaurant in Hartford, Conn., but he comes down to the township each Thursday and stays until Sunday. He does not have regular hours. The earlier the customers get to his little parcel of land each day, the more likely they will find Porky's Point open."

Ribs were balungtie and so was the pork.