Sunday, June 8, 2008

One last Chal-e-yunge (Melissa Auf Der Maur)

When this video came out in 97/98, my old band (cellar dwellars (yes spelled that way)) were looking for new things to make the band sound awesome. We thought of our selves as an experimental band, and I was happy with that. Our drummer and guitar player really wanted a girl singer.. so we tried out 3. The first one we tried out came over and sang a song from Pocahontas called "colors of the wind". She sang it really well, but not what we were looking for. It was awkward cause she was singing like a professional, and we were 4 guys starring at her in a basement we called the Cheese Factory. The next girl we tried out wanted to sing Hole "gold dust women". I saw the video once, and all I remember was how much of a babe the bass player was. Back then, no youtube, no tab, someone had to have the CD for us to learn it and she did.
It was one of the first songs I remember learning the bass myself. I thought the bass line was so awesome, but the rest of the band hated it. They said it was to easy for them. I remember her trying to sing, and failing. I remember the guitar player trying to help her, and he was failing. So I stepped up and helped her, I remember telling her how to sing it, and she looked at me and said "You have a really awesome voice, you should sing". First time anyone said anything like that to me in the band. When she left the rest of the dudes started talking about wanting to add violins and pianos to compliment her voice. I pulled a major sass move, and said " I like punk music, if we go in a different that makes us alternative I dont want to be in the band". So make a long story short, they went that way..I quit the band and joined the Numbskulls 3 days later. First practice was with Brett and Dan in Bretts garage, they taught me how to play Casualties.

Well this post is supposed to be about Melissa Auf De Maur.Honestly when I saw the gold dust women video I thought she was a major fox. I totaly forgot about her untill I watched a new smashing pumpkins video and she plays with them.
Heres a video of her and a model chick Karen Elson covering Danzig


Anonymous said...

I love she! Then when I saw this video(really easy) i begun to dream...
Italian Tungy
(sorry for the wrong english)

Anonymous said...

Amo a esta mujer. Es mi amor platonico.

Anonymous said...

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