Thursday, June 19, 2008

Have not updated in awhile.

first I want to say I think its awesome, a band I think is gnar and really enjoy listening to supporting jumpercable. Drew is the man for wearing the JC shirt in their promo shots. Honestly check out ICALLFIVES they fucking own Second I saw this somewhere and I stole it hard..
Third, I really wanted to goto Perry's art show at Deep Sleep awhile back, but I just didnt go cause Im a lazy failure. I wish I did, because he had two paintings I would have bought.. this being one of them
Fourth, those really really hot days last week, fucked the fairways and some areas on the greens... but its crazy, we've been watering fairways alittle extra, and hand watering bad areas on the greens, and except for one fairway, all the fairways and greens came back.. the course looks awesome.
Fifth when I went to go to the pesticide license class I drove by this weird restaurant, theres a horse on the roof, and the windows on the right are boarded up, with fake horse heads nailed on. Kinda weird.

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