Thursday, April 22, 2010

TJ/Jay-Long Time No Handshake EP
1. Connection
2. Catch you on the flip, Catch you on the re
3. Yes, emphasis on none
4. 116 Connection
5. The good that wont come out (cover)
6. This doesn't mean anything
7. Mom doesn't have to know
8. It won't happen to us
9. Face. Palm.
10. I'm on fire (cover)

TJ sent me a text saying " Yo, you do 4 songs, I'll do 4 songs, we both do a cover and we're release it on the internet"

I went out and bought a Kimball Organ and wrote a majority of my songs on it. I never played the piano, but I thought it would be fun to see how the music would come out. To me it was fun experimenting a different style of writing music. I hope you enjoy

I want to say Im honored to have done this split with TJ. Im really blown away by his music talent and the complexity of his songs. TJ, I respect your opinion and your talent, this was a really fun project and thank you.

thank you to Joel for picking the organ up for me, thank you to Spencer for letting me borrow his bass, Thank you to Seamus for taking the picture and scanning it.

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